“Ocean rider” travels around the world

“We have one planet and we should use it wisely and work together, or lose it.” We are all familiar with this idea, and it’s hard to believe there are people who would disagree with her. But let’s be honest: hardly there are those who would call themselves defenders of the Land and, armed with a similar slogan, leaving worldly Affairs, go to perform feats.

It was able Dutch adventurer of Iranian descent Gematria Ebrahim (Ebrahim Hemmatnia). In 2014 he decided to go around the world with the mission “World With No Borders” (“Peace without borders”), in order to show how interlinked the inhabitants of the planet, and created this amazing amphibian. Named Melanie, that either the boat or the vehicle rides on water and land, and is driven solely by pedals.

Surprisingly, Sultan was able to cross on Melanie the Atlantic ocean and even set the Guinness world record, having made the long trip on a bike amphibians.

Melanie is constructed of carbon fiber and foam. Its length is 6 meters, width of 1.4 meters. Intra – cockpit, cabin, storage space for food and equipment. Similar construction was foot amphibian WiTHiN, where in 2010, the canadian Greg Colodeiciuc (Greg Kolodziejzyk) crossed the 4,500 kilometres from Vancouver to Hawaii.

On the ground Melanie moves on four wheels. Rear is connected to the pedals, which turns the traveler. Before launching the training wheels off, and the transmission is switched to the rotation of the propeller.

The vessel is provided with navigation lights, an internal light, a distiller for sea water, a satellite phone and a small electric motor that Ebrahim can briefly turn to rest. All of this is connected to the solar panel and the battery of small capacity.

Mission “a World With No Borders” officially began on 22 November 2014. The first stage of the expedition started in Dakar, Senegal, was completed in 68 days in San Paolo, Brazil. Traveler pedaled 2 371 km (1 473 miles), crossing the Atlantic ocean, and 70 km (43 miles) from the Brazilian coast to the San Paolo.

After that, the adventurer returned to the Netherlands to raise money for the continuation of the expedition, where he managed to finish and publish the book “Oceanbiker”, which describes in detail his transatlantic crossing. The next step for him will be a long journey across the Pacific and Indian oceans on the route Brazil – Tahiti – Australia – Kenya with a length of 50 000 km (31 068 miles).

The Sultan is not afraid of the distance and the test, as the years that he has spent and will spend in his expedition, “if it will promote the free exchange of knowledge and ideas between countries and cultures.” “The borders were created by the human mind, they can be erased by the human mind” – likes to repeat it.


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