Now known all six

The winners in all six divisions of the transatlantic race singles Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe.

Class 40. It was the mass division at the start in Saint-Malo came 53 yacht. The winner of the match Risom for Veedol-AIC, which took the lead from the second day of the race. His result is 16 days, 3 hours, 22 minutes and 44 seconds.

RhumMulti. Earlier, Richomme to the finish line in Pointe-à-Pitre with a new record division RhumMulti came Pierre Antoine on 15-foot wooden trimaran Olmix – – 15 days, 21 hours, 15 hours and 05 seconds. Antoine far ahead of his rivals in the class: it is enough to say that the nearest of them to the finish line is still a pass 370 nautical miles!

And not to forget that Antoine temporarily off course, a few days ago was removed from the overturned trimaran Arkema skipper Lala rockarolla of about a thousand miles from Guadeloupe (then Runeral passed the Board approached the tug). In the pictures that we post, you see just Pierre Antoine. Including the moment when the wife of Rockarolla thanks him for helping his beloved Lala.

RhumMono. The winner of division – Sydney Kavine on the Joyeux Café, time – 16 days, 10 hours, 18 minutes and 05 seconds. He also was the leader among my “classmates” from the very start.

Recall that in the three other divisions of the Route du Rhum-2018 winners: Ultime – Francis Joyon (Idec Sport); 50 Multi – Frmal the Tripon (Chocolat Reaute); Imoca – Paul Meilhat (SMA).

In conclusion – another news that may interest those who are particularly closely watched Maxi-trimarans. In their division Ultime finally finished third party – Volume Covill. If you remember, on his Sodebo Ultim in a collision with a certain object was corrupted bow of the hull, I had to go in the Spanish La Coruna, repair. So the final result – 16 days, 7 hours, 45 minutes and 36 seconds does not cause surprise, though it is almost 9 days worse than runners-up in division first and second place Francis Guiana and françois Gabaret.

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