Norwegian veteran runs like young!

Have you heard about the prize of the Boston Teapot trophy is awarded each year to the most high-speed large training sailboat?

If heard, it is ready to assume, not all. Meanwhile, play it for a long time, since 1964, and the founder of the trophy – the international Association of educational sailing ships – officially announced the winner of the 2018. Boston Teapot trophy went to Norway’s three-masted steel barge Statsraad Lehmkuhl length of 84.6 metres, which, notably, was built in 1914. Over a hundred years ago!

Short about the rules of “the Boston tea award”. First, the award could claim any training sailing vessel, if its length on the waterline is not less than 30 feet (9,14 metres), and at least half of the members of the crew – ranging in age from 15 to 25 years. Second, the winner is the ship which will pass the maximum distance in 124 hours (that is 5 days and 4 hours). And thirdly, it can be done at any time from October 1 of previous year to September 30 of the year following.

And now for the winner of the 2018. Statsraad Lehmkuhl was awarded the Boston Teapot trophy for the eighth time in the last 11 years. This year it is 124 hours managed to overcome 1,254 nautical miles (average speed of 10.1 knots). This, incidentally, is not a record. In 2017 the same Statsraad Lehmkuhl walked for 5 days and 4 hours 1548 nautical miles (12.49 node).

But this year, too (albeit unofficial) has not done. During the day the Norwegian bark overcame of 331.2 nm (13.8 per node). And at one point, and all have shown a 19.5 knot!

You will agree, is impressive. The veteran still. And runs like young!

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