Ended the operation to search for the wreckage of the tri-armel Le Cle

The team of Frenchman armel Le Cle (Armel Le Cléac’h), whose trimaran was left without one of the side housings 6 Nov during the race, Route du Rhum 340 nautical miles North-East from the Azores islandin thefinished search of fragments of the boat. After the team’s return in Vigo (France) hope for the restoration of the Banque Populaire IX is no more.

The operation began a few days after the accident and continued for 10 days. Due to stormy weather managed to do a little bit.

“Despite all our efforts, because of the storm fragments of the boat were scattered over the sea and badly damaged, reconstruction is impossible. Everyone who has contributed to this fabulous project, very saddened by the thought of such completion,” — said in comments the team Director Ronan Lucas (Ronan Lucas) on the official website of the Banque Populaire.

The construction of the trimaran Banque Populaire IX lasted 18 months and was completed in October 2017. Developing a 32-metre giant was engaged in the VPLP. The project cost is estimated at 10 million euros. Thanks to underwater wing, raising him above the water, he could reach the speed of 35 knots. Such impressive performance gave hope that the trimaran sets new speed records in the class ULTIME.

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