New trimaran from Morelli and Melvin


      New trimaran from Morelli and Melvin
      The well-known American “multi-body” design bureau (especially the late-era Playstation catamaran of the late Steve Fossett) showed renders of the new “civil” model – the Rapido 40 trimaran, which will be built at the Triac Composites shipyard.

New trimaran from Morelli and Melvin

The features of the new model include the following:

Spacious interior with cockpit, saloon, galley and navigation table on one level.
An innovative scheme of the Folding Platform, allowing the vessel to fold its floats, while maintaining stability.
Rigid deck (instead of mesh) on the sides of the central building.
C-shaped darts in floats.
The presence of six beds.
Foldable (when hitting an obstacle) steering wheel.
Swing mast wing.
Retractable bowsprit.

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