Windsurfing, kiteboarding and offshore race became Olympic disciplines

Windsurfing competitions among men and women, mixed competition Kiteboard race Sherbatov-twos with mixed crews and combined offshore race of the keel twos finally entered the Olympic program in 2024. This decision was taken at the General Assembly of the International sailing Federation in Sarasota (USA).

The proposal to add these disciplines to the Olympic program was discussed during the interim meeting of members in London in may this year. Then for the first time discussed the issue of the choice between two potential new disciplines: mixed Dinghy competitions-singles and offshore racing keel twos in mixed crews. At this meeting the discussion continued.

In an offshore race, said her popularity in the world, and therefore, the ability of this discipline to attract the Olympics and spectators, and the media. Equal opportunities for men and women in mixed competition, including allowing you to follow the recommendation of the Olympic Committee on this matter.

Opponents of the decision reminded that in the past from the program of games already excluded expensive keel type yachts “Yngling”, “Elliot” and “Star”. Fears have been expressed that because their elitism will compete only rich countries. In addition, participation in offshore races requires experience, and that means young athletes will be difficult to achieve the right to try their hand. Finally, not yet fully understood the principle of selection of future participants.

However, the final decision was made.

For the replacement of discipline “Dinghy single mixed” discipline “keel deuce mixed offshore” were made by 29 of the 40 members of the Federation Council.

Thus, the program is now sailing competition in Marseille (France) during the games looks like:

  • SKIF men (49th)
  • SKIF women (49th FX)
  • Catamaran-two mixed (Nakra 17)
  • Dinghy single men
  • Dinghy single women
  • Dinghy-two mixed
  • Keel deuce mixed offshore
  • Windsurfing men
  • Windsurfing women
  • Kajtbord-mixed

Offshore race will take place on semi-displacement monohull sloops with Spinnaker and without foil. The dimensions of the hull of the yacht will be limited to 6-10 meters, and their speed 4-40 nodes. The deck of the yacht participating in will be specially optimized for managing a small crew.

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