Looking forward to the medal race

April 12, 2019

      Looking forward to the medal race
      Mallorca continues the Open Championship of Europe in windsurfing in the class RS: X.

Looking forward to the medal race

On Thursday, April 11, the women had three final races. According to the results of all eight races held over three days, the best among European athletes – Maya Dzyarnovska from Poland – 29 points. At the same time, she is second in the overall standings, behind the Chinese woman Liu Yongse 5 points.

Our Stefania Elfutina (who, we recall, was forced to miss about six months before this regatta) takes, as the day before, the 9th place among European windsurfing girls and 11th in the overall standings. The main question: will she manage to get into the medal race? I want to hope so.

Two other Russians, Anna Khvorikova and Maria Lemenkova, are now at 41/59 and 47/71 places, respectively.

The men split into the Gold and Silver fleets, and yesterday there were two final races. Leading Frenchman Louis Giar – 16 points.

Of the Russian guys, only Alexander Askerov was in the Golden Fleet: among Europeans he is in 39th place, in the absolute standings – 47th. Here are the results of the remaining speakers now in the Silver Fleet:
Vladislav Burmistrenko – 46/56, Evgeny Ayvazyan – 52/62, Maxim Tokarev – 51/55, Ilya Kirichuk – 69/89.

As for the boys' tournament, after nine races (including three final ones), Artyom Akimov is at 36/37 place, Anton Tokarev – at 50/54 (both in the Golden Fleet), while Mikhail Alexandrov – at 58/65 ( Silver).

Full results –


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