“Another half regatta ahead!”

April 12, 2019

      "Another half regatta ahead!"
      Elena Otekina especially for Yacht Russia tells about the events of the second racing day of the 44Cup Porto Montenegro regatta, held in Montenegro

"Another half regatta ahead!"

© Elena Otekina

The second racing day, contrary to expectations, did without rain and calm. After a night thunderstorm, a north wind appeared over Tivat in the morning, but not that storm-famous local Bura, but her younger brother Burin. This weak unstable north breeze dispersed the clouds and forced the sun to look out, and then the south wind came south, and the races again had to wait. Finally, by one o'clock the confrontation of opposing winds ended with the victory of the South – and three races were conducted on the gusts of wind, which had strengthened to 17-21 knots.

Slovenian Ceeref Igor La with tactician Adrian Stedom scored a total of 15 points and continues to lead – despite the 7th arrival in the last race of the day. The second place from the 4th was taken by the British Team Aqua Chris Bake with Cameron Appleton as a tactic (17 points). Finally, in the third place with just one point, the British-speaking Peninsula Petroleum of John Bassadone serving under the British flag, whose tactics, instead of Vasco Vascotto, who went into the cup Luna Rossa, was taken by Ed Baird.

Russian team Nika Vladimir Prosikhina with Tom Slingsby as a tactic spent a difficult day and went down from second to fourth place with 7-7-6 times and a total of 25 points.
In the first race, the team went second to the first sign, but found itself in a situation where it had to make a turn and stand behind the fleet. On the left tack "Nika" hit the "sandwich" between the "Battleship" and Aqua, which prevented her from fading. The boat was literally three meters from the sign without speed and without wind. Turning around and making the second run, “Nika” circled around the 7th – and remained at that place.

In the second race, the team received a penalty for preventing Artemis from starting, and then catching a prolonged broking – and finished the race also in 7th place.

In the third race, “Nika” hit a false start and came out last at the first round. Then, at the gates, the team rose to the middle of the fleet, but in the last full course it turned out to be at a disadvantage and the 6th hit the finish line.

According to Vladimir Prosikhin, in the first two races the crew did not get into the settings, the boat lacked balance, and only in the third one managed to tune in well. And, of course, the team was very unlucky. “I can’t say that we are doing something badly bad, just the mistakes that occurred were very, very expensive. Where we are unlucky, we are unlucky, as it were, “in full growth,” but we don’t need to change anything in particular. I am completely satisfied with the crew, satisfied with the communications on the boat. It was a little harder for us to tune the sails, because Sean Clarkson went to the America's Cup, and he had a classic main trimmer, even though we had a drink. Sean saw the whole boat, and that. Perhaps the only thing that we lack, and the rest of the team is ready, we will continue to chase, it happens. "

The best Russian result of the day was shown by Yekaterinburg Tavatuy Pavel Kuznetsov with tactician Yevgeny Neugodnikov. The team is only one point more than Nicky, and the final 5th line in the table. After the last place in the first race, the team finished third twice.

In the first race after a great start, the boat was in the top three, but suddenly the guy of the staysail came off, the unit flew off just before the sign. Then on the second tack the team went to a disadvantage and ended the race last.

In the second race, Tavatuy went first to the 4th, and then overtook another boat and became the 3rd.

In the third race, according to tactics, the boat lacked speed. On the first rounding, "Tavatuy" came 7th, and then “stretched out” to the right at full length, got into a good run and was second at the gate. Having lost a little on the second tack, the team again successfully went right on the second full course and finished the 3rd again.

Pavel Kuznetsov was very pleased with the racing day: “The impressions are very good, today there was a good wind, everything worked out. If not for some technical problems, we would have performed better in the first race. We are fighting, not everything is working out yet, at Forda it is better, while at sharp courses it is worse, somewhere we are lagging behind, but this is normal, because so far it is only the beginning of our season. ”

At 8th place in overall is Bronenosec Cyril Frolov with Cameron Dunn as a tactic: parishes 5-8-4 and the total score is 31.

In the first race after a great start, the team went in the best direction and the entire race went first, but in the second full course it turned out that several holes had been formed in the generators. The crew tried very carefully to carry the sail, but when they had to lie down on another tack, the fabric could not stand it, and the gennaker broke to shreds. The boat was able to finish the 5th, but then for a long time released the stuck halyard, I even had to send the tank to the top of the mast. As a result, Bronenosec could not properly prepare for the start of the second race, and the mood after such a failure was spoiled, so the next race did not work.

The third race also did not work out at first, but in the last full course the team successfully left to the left, got into a good run, overtook 5 boats and finished the 4th. Summarizing the day, Cyril Frolov said: “The first race, of course, psychologically“ broke ”us. It's a shame when everyone gets around you, we “brought” half the station, but nothing, tomorrow is a new day – and there are still half the ships ahead. ”

Today, according to the forecast, the weather is expected to be about the same as yesterday.

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