Keep it up, Sergei!

Friends, we have good news. The next day, and two final world Cup races in the class of “Laser-standard”, which continues to Sakaiminato (Japan), our Sergey Komissarov climbed to sixth place in the table!

In the first race Sunday Sergey finished 1. In the second – only 46th, but that, fortunately, went on release. Komissarova now have 45 points, and he, as has been said, rose to the 6th position.

While Matthew Werna from Australia, which is on the fifth place – the same 45 points. And the fourth, the Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Berne – 44. Before reaching the third German Philipp Buhl is also on the doorstep – in fact, 40 points.

Perhaps until a new leader is Tom Burton– far away: the Australian 27 points. But as they say, where we did not disappear?!

Pleased with the fact that after today’s racing Commissioners topped the list of sailors and countries that are struggling for the license of the Games-2020. The closest rival – the Swede Jesper Hardangerfjord and in Voss – behind the Russians on 8 points.

Maxim Nikolaev – 40-m a place. For comparison: the winner of the last two world Championships, the best sailor in the world-2018 Cypriot Pavlos Kontides now is 47th. Another representative of Russia Daniel cruit – the 76th.

Detailed results after the race on Sunday

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