The first. And seventh

May 22, 2019

      The first. And seventh
      Victory opened the season 52 Super Series team of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club "Battleship". In the first race of the first stage of the series, which started on May 21 in the water area of ​​Menorca (Spain), the Russian team was ahead of the titled fleet of rivals.

The first. And seventh

The seventh finish in the second race of the day brought overall third place in the Menorca 52 Super Series Sailing Week standings.

According to the forecast, the Club Maritimo Mahon was calm in the competition distance from morning to night. A light wind of 5-8 knots was established only towards the evening and ensured a smooth start of the fleet in the new season of the Super Series.

For the “Battleship”, which returned to the 52 Super Series after a year break, the first starting signal was an exciting moment, but the team managed to concentrate and tactically correctly go through the tacking. Already on the first sign the boat under the Russian flag was in the lead, and then only increased the lead.

“I am very pleased that my debut as a helmsman turned out to be successful,” said Shim Fantela, who this season will be the second helmsman and team strategist, “for us this is an important victory, since we are only working with the team.

In the second race, the Battleship did not start at maximum speed and was only the ninth in rounding. Next, the team pulled up and finished seventh.

In the overall standings of the Menorca 52 Super Series Sailing Week after the first day, multiple winners and runners-up of the series, Italian Azzurra veterans, traditionally well able to perform on Minorca, lead. The second place is still occupied by veterans, silver medalists of the last season, the Germans Platoon. "Battleship" is the third.

Alexey Zhirov
PR-director of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg

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