It’s too early to make forecasts, but …


      It’s too early to make forecasts, but …
      As reported by our friends from #EsmeraldaOK, Mark Slats and Susie Goodall, it looks like they made a great team in the AZAB 2019 race.

It’s too early to make forecasts, but ...

Recently, they were in 2nd place in their class. Today, Mark and Suzy broke up the boat to a speed of 6 knots and are already claiming the 1st place. But it is too early to make any predictions. An anticyclone is approaching the island of San Miguel (the point of intermediate finish), so that the last miles of the first stage of the race will have to go with light wind.

Tapio Lehtinen Sailing departed from Le Sables d’Olonn to Finland. A new engine is installed on his yacht and the bottom is cleaned. Surely, his homes were waiting.

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