Another incident in France

In the night from Friday 7 June Saturday 8 June in the waters of France, there was another incident just miraculously ended tragically. Despite the warning about the storm Miguel a couple of sailors went to sea on a 30-foot yacht in Saint-Vaast-La-Hougue, in Normandy, on the shores of the English channel. During the voyage, in the face of strong winds, they attempted to start the engine, but he refused. The boaters attempted to anchor.


“They were at anchor half a mile South-East from the port of Saint-Vaast-La-hug, but the anchor end broke. The sea at the time was a strong emotion, formed the South-Western winds with speeds of over 70 km/h. Sailors left Cursol-sur-Mer, in spite of the storm,” said Fabrice Leblon, the head of the SNSM (National rescue services on the sea) in Saint-Vaast-La-hug.
The waves and the wind threw the boat on the rocks of the island Tatihou. In the sea about two o’clock came two rescue boats. Despite the strong emotion, the rescuers managed to overload and to evacuate two passengers on Board the Rib to get safe to return them to the port. Although this was the first priority of rescuers, they were able to remove the boat from the rocks and towed into the harbour.

“The four of us on the rib, at night, in a stormy sea, we all thought about what happened to our fellow rescuers the day before. The salvation of people after such tragic news as a shock, because all my people were in shock. I specifically did not venture, because he thought about guys, but still had to rescue these two boaters. Despite the storm, some captains sometimes there is a sense of loss of reality”, — said Fabrice Leblon.

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