It was cool!

March 28, 2019

      It was cool!
      The website summarizes the results of the Baikal Drilling Week 2019. It took place from March 15 to March 24 at Lake Baikal (Kurm village), and it included the following competitions: Asian Cup in the class of cold drills, Russian Championship in the class Ice Champion optimist, Cup of Russia in DN, and finished the week Baikal Cup in ice collectors Ice Optimist and DN.

It was cool!

Baikal, as always, struck the participants with its energy, excellent blue ice and good wind. It is worth noting that this year there were few foreign riders, due to the fact that the World Cup was held in the United States in the second half of February and most of them could not come with both the United States and Russia in one month. But the most devoted fans of the Baikal Drilling Week from Germany and Poland could not miss this unique event. It is noteworthy that the Polish team traveled more than 7,000 km by car to take part in competitions.

The Asian Cup in DN was held in a weak wind and ended in a victory for Valentina Kozlova from St. Petersburg, who confidently defeated male rivals and pleasantly surprised all participants in the competition.

The championship of Russia in the Ice Optimist took place over 5 racing days. Young participants got the whole range of winds from 4 to 22 knots, so we can confidently say that the really strong ones won. According to the results of 11 races, Vitaly Ivanov from Novosibirsk and Sophia Makarova from Irkutsk celebrated the victory. Sergey Konstantinov and Ekaterina Pikarevskaya (both Irkutsk) became silver winners, Danil Vinogradov (Irkutsk) and Vasilis Arestova (Vladivostok) became bronze winners. All the prize-winners of the Russian championship received, as a gift from the All-Russian Volga Federal Football Association, tickets to the International Children's Center Artek, where they can train at the Optimists on the already warm sea.

The winner of the Russian Cup was Oleg Vasiliev from St. Petersburg, silver and bronze among Valery Dichenko (Vladivostok) and Nikita Timofeev (Bratsk), Valentina Kozlova took priority among women. In the open standings, together with foreign participants, Jost Kolb won from Germany, Roman Morgash from Poland was second, and Oleg Vasiliev was third.

By tradition, the Baikal Cup international competition finished the week. The regatta passed in the fresh breeze. Here in the DN, Anton Didenko (Vladivostok) won confidently with a big advantage, Roman Morgash (Poland) and Jost Kolb (Germany) became the winners. Konstantinov Sergey (Irkutsk) and Arestova Vasilisa (Vladivostok) celebrated the victory in the Ice Optimist, which was awarded with a special prize from VastSails and was presented with a new sail.

Summarizing the results of the Baikal Drilling Week of 2019, all participants noted that this year the conditions for racing were the best in many years. All racing days were used to the maximum, ice and wind conditions were close to ideal.

Season 2018-2019 year in the drill is over. Thanks to everyone who helped organize the Baikal Riding Week: the Russian DN Association, the National Rift Union, the All-Russian Sailing Federation, regatta partners, the Uyug Park Hotel for hospitality, the judges for excellent races and all participants for an exciting fight!

Next year, we are waiting for more than 40 foreign participants to Lake Baikal and within the framework of the Baikal Drilling Week the Russian Championship will be held. Friends, rivals and lovers of high speeds will gather again. See you on the Baikal ice!

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