Nations Trophy – Italians


      Nations Trophy – Italians
      In Marseille, the final of the World Cup in Olympic yacht classes ended. At the end of the regatta, the team prize – Nations Trophy – was won by the Italian national team: it had three gold, silver and two bronze medals.

Nations Trophy - Italians

On Sunday, it was planned to hold five medal races. But almost the whole day the wind was too weak. As a result, only two medal races were held – 470 for men and women.

That's who today received the gold awards of the World Cup final:

470, men. Matthew Belcher / William Ryan (Australia).

470, women. Camille Lekontr / Alois Retorn (France).

Laser. Giovanni Coccoluto (Italy).

Laser radial Victoria Andrulite (Lithuania).

Finn. Andy Maloney (New Zealand).

Full World Cup Final Results –

55 Yesterday # 9104

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