In the selection of the Universiade won ZID-Art

After three difficult weather conditions racing days finally decided the winners and prize-winners of national student competitions in sailing – the selection at the XXX summer Universiade.

On competitions in Sochi, as the mass sailing of the WFTU brought together 7 teams representing 9 cities and 16 Universities of Russia.

Regatta from beginning to end went like a watch in the hands of experienced and skillful organizer Valery Alexeev. Experienced racer and judge Alex, Ganzhenko in the role of chief judge for three days were able to conduct for participants 17 high-quality racing. This and the fact that the competition was held in the format of a transplant, have completely eliminated accidents and helped to select the strongest trained crews.

This is largely made possible because it was organized by highly qualified direct judging on the water, which was headed by the Umpire of the international class Vladimir Pavlov. In between races he also briefed the teams on the rules of sailing races and I judged the situation, making on the water, there was little protest situations, all the crews raced correctly as possible.

The first day of racing was a confident team performance ZID-Art (steering Dmitry Tretyakov, crew: Banan Daniel, Volchkov Ivan, Taran Marina, fedyanina Daria), collected with the support of existing riders – members of the Association J70: seven races and seven victories. Second came the team of the don state University “the Quiet don” (steering Chekhov, Svetlana, crew: Mushroom Paul, Pupyshev Governor, Kipke Denis, Veshnyakov Svetlana), well-organized and trained hard before the competition under the guidance of experienced athletes of the Rostov region. Near them on the third place got the team of RUS Sochi (steering Worms Andrew, crew: Ayvazyan, Evgeny, Firsova Polina, bugakova Sophia, Ganzhenko Natalia), made up of local student-athletes.

The second day added intrigue to the competition, showing how seriously crews arrived to fight for vouchers for the Universiade. None of the crew was not without successful parishes or failures, and even the leaders didn’t look so unconditional. However, the team of ZID-Art kept the lead, but in the fight for the second ticket after 13 races the team DGTU “the Quiet don” and RUS Sochi equal on points.

Last day of the competition decided to continue the trial of the racers weather: incessant rain, low temperature, weak wind swell. But, nevertheless, the last 4 races have helped to set clear team for a well-deserved place and to identify with certainty those who will represent Russia at the Universiade. In the end, a landslide victory was won by the team of ZID-Art (RUS Dolgoprudny), second place went to the team of RUS Sochi (Sochi FPS), third – team DGTU “the Quiet don”.

The competition was organized under the auspices of the Student Sailing League, Russian yachting Federation and by Russian students sports Union. Conducting organization – the sailing Federation, Sochi on the basis of FSUE “South-Sport”.


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