There are details of the death of rescuers in France

June 8, 2019

      There are details of the death of rescuers in France
      Two of the four surviving lifeguards, Christophe Monnero, President of the SNSM des Sables, and David Brossard, a diver of the dead boat, gave a press conference along with Xavier de la Gors, SNSM National President.

There are details of the death of rescuers in France


“When we went to the sea, everything went as it should have been. After the southern channel, we, as usual, went to the west, as the old men taught us. The crew was fine. Except that water began to flow into the engine room, ”said Christoph Monnero.
At this boat it became impossible to maneuver quickly, the list began to grow.

“They tried to somehow get out of this situation, but, faced with the force of the waves, some rescuers were thrown out of the boat. This happened just 200 meters from the coast, so they managed to swim out and avoid death. If it had happened 500 meters from the coast, everything would have been much more serious, there could have been seven deaths, ”said Xavier De la Gors.

Three of the dead rescuers were "caught" in the boat when she turned over. "Their life jackets pouted, and they were pressed against the flooring, which was above his head," Xavier De La Gores explained …

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