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For the Sochi Winter Cup is the fourth season. The first regatta of the winter series was held in November 2015. The idea of the regatta is available for training and racing in the offseason without going abroad. Regatta is designed for a long weekend from Friday to Sunday and is in the following format: training day, the two days of racing with theoretical studies, as well as evening events.

1st stage

2 through November 4 was the first of six series Sochi Winter Cup.

In a regatta took part 7 teams. The race took place on a sailing yacht GP26.

Sailors were lucky with the weather: 20 degrees and light wind. For participants who first appeared on the sea conditions were perfect. For two days I was able to spend six races.

Member of the team of “Fathers and children” Grigory Ivanov shared his impressions: “I came here in high spirits. Heat, sun, yacht, sea — in General, romance. This, perhaps, was the leitmotif of my trip. In fact, just a rush to come here, to race, to have fun, adrenaline. Interesting rivals: someone experience a little more, someone less. In this sense we are not a cohesive team. Nevertheless, everything turned out very nice. We were able to show itself, and to hold third place. Everything turned out the way I wanted to.”

The fight between the crews was very tight, and the winners were determined only after the finish of the last race. The difference between first and sixth was only 4 points.

After two days of racing the leader was the team of Old Boys (Dmitry Serov, Maksim Kondratenko, Oleg Pracy, skipper — Alim of Berbekov). Silver went to Calipso (Dmitry Manevich, Artem Gorbachev, Veronica Narozhnaya, Irina Silantyeva, skipper — Maxim Avdeev), bronze — team, “Fathers and sons” (Yana Ivanov, Grigory Ivanov, Stanislav Ivanov, Fedor Ivanov, the skipper Dmitry Pogankin).

For the team of Dmitry Serov, winner of the first stage, the race was not easy. According to him, they were wrong, and to rectify the situation, they had to make every effort. He also noted that during the race the crew worked well together and understood each other perfectly.

“Oddly enough, but the first round of the winter series remember the gorgeous summer weather. All three days the sun shone, the breezes blew. The sea is warm, someone swimming, someone who has walked in the morning, ran. The mood was great. Note that the stage took place in a very tight struggle. Selected participants with similar level of training. The fight was interesting and went to the last race: excitement, nerves and feelings, the joy of victory and bitterness of defeat”, — said General Director of the project PROyachting Mikhail Kondratyev.

2nd stage

In the race of the second phase, which took place from 30 November to 2 December, was attended by 12 teams.

The weather changed each day, but remained favorable for racing. Mostly blowing North-West wind 3-6 m/c. The race was complicated by a wave and strong current.

Two days managed to hold 12 races, each team participated in 10 races in two rested. The champion of the regatta was the team of Old Boys (Dmitry Serov, Ivan Andrianov, Maxim Kondratenko, Alexander Ganzhenko, skipper — Alim of Berbekov), series debutant 2018-2019 and the winner of the first stage.

“I think the key to success is a strong captain and people who are not afraid to do something, make a mistake, quickly shut down and fix his mistake. Here it is necessary not to spare the hands, knees, and work,” — commented on the success of his team Dmitry Serov.

Silver regatta took command Aleonora (Ivan Tsyplenkov Viktor Tyutyunnikov, Sergei Arrears, Sergey Ptitsyn, skipper Vladimir bodrikov). The team participates in the Sochi Winter Cup for the second season in a row. “Here there is all: the opportunity to train in the winter, accessibility, good boat and rivals, which is interesting to compete”, — said Vladimir bodrikov.


Bronze medalist of the Sochi Winter Cup was the team of “PEC: Sport” (Vadim Filatov, Dmitriy Popkov, Michael Filatov, Evgeny Kolomiets, skipper — Victor Filippov).

A little less lucky team Calipso. She scored the same number of points, but lost to the owners of bronze by the number of first arrivals.

Results can be downloaded here

Schedule Sochi Winter Cup:3rd stage: 4-6 января4 stage: 1-3 February (to be held with the support of the magazine Motor Boat & Yachting Russia).5 stage: 1-3 марта6 stage: April 5-7


The winner of the series Sochi Winter Cup by PROyachting determined by the results of six stages. He will get the prize — the winter Cup series, as well as prizes from partners of the regatta.


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