On Wednesdays – when else?

May 23, 2019

      On Wednesdays – when else?
      Yesterday, May 22, 14 cruising yachts opened the season of sailing races in the waters of the Amur Bay in Vladivostok.

On Wednesdays - when else?

The race on Wednesdays, or the Vladivostok Cup regatta, opened the calendar of sailing regattas in the capital of Primorye. These competitions are held for the 13th year in a row. Traditionally, only the two most popular racing yachts in Vladivostok, Platu25 and Konrad 25 R, take part in them.

The regatta format includes 12 races that will be held all summer, every Wednesday, starting from May 22 and ending on August 14. According to the results of a dozen races, the best skippers of Vladivostok in both classes will be determined.

Yesterday, 8 Platu Class 25 yachts and Conrad 25 R class yachts took to the start. A good racing wind made it possible to conduct the race in full, although half an hour – an hour before the start of the wind was not at all, which pretty much worried both the judges and the riders.

Yachts were classic two loops. The crew of the Nautilus yacht (captain Mikhail Yermakov) finished first in the “platus”, the Pink Floyd female crew (captain Ekaterina Chaschina) literally stepped on their heels, Depeche Mode (captain Valery Dichenko) came third.

The Konrad team was led by the Soyuz yacht team, followed by the girls on Disco (captain Diana Krylova), Igor Shesterikov, the Twist yacht, closed the top three.

Fog, changeable wind and high wave did not prevent young yachtsmen from opening the season last weekend, May 18th and 19th. In the championship of the city of Vladivostok, “Our hopes” were attended by 48 people from three clubs in the city – “Seven Feet”, “MSU Navigator”, “Scarlet Sails”. The guys competed in the classes "Optimist", "Cadet," Laser 4.7 "," Laser Radial "," 420 ". Most of the prize awards were taken by the pupils of the “Seven Feet” yacht club.

Yana Konoplitskaya,
press center of the yacht club "Seven Feet"

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