dress rehearsal

June 14, 2019

      dress rehearsal
      Today, the first races of the 2 stages of the All-Russian children's series of regattas “Optimists of the Northern Capital. Gazprom Cup. About 80 young yachtsmen from the largest sailing schools of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region take part in the regatta.

dress rehearsal

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The first day, contrary to forecasts, turned out to be warm, overcast and not very windy. The judges, led by experienced Vladimir Komel, conducted 3 races with wind strength from 2 to 5 m / s.

From the first race, Kirill Shunenkov, a sailing athlete from the St. Petersburg Yacht Club Academy, took the lead, twice finishing first and once second, Artem Gunker (Krestovsky Island, St. Petersburg) is second, another athlete of the Sailing Academy Nikita Chernykh – third.

Nikita Chernykh: “The water area is familiar to me, I knew where the impulses come from here, and walked along them. Tomorrow I will try to control my rivals and start well, so as not to sink lower. Due to what progress? Compared to last year, I have become more technical, and I train more. ”

Sophia Pusheva (“Krestovsky Island”) is in the lead, Yulia Naimushina (Sailing Academy) is second, she is the first among younger girls, Daria Savinova (“Favorit”, Vyborg) is third.

Sophia Pusheva: “Today it was possible to go on approaches, I was smarter than my rivals. Before each race, it was necessary to check the profitable side, as the wind constantly changed in strength and direction, a very interesting water area. ”

Among the younger boys, the best result was shown by Dmitry Eremin (Krestovsky Island), Vladimir Lyubomirov (Sailing Academy) – the second, Pavel Gushchin, another “academician” – the third.

Angelina Ivanova and Eva Turkina (both girls – “Krestovsky Island”) go on the 2nd and 3rd place among the younger girls respectively.

25 cadets (novice riders) chased in a separate fleet. There, after 3 races, Rodion Shishimorov and Stepan Ivanov share the lead – both have 9 points each. 3rd among cadet boys goes Nikita Grigoriev. Among girls, Alexander Kondratenko showed the best result, Varvara Yurchenko is the second, Maria Ivanova is the 3rd. All athletes represent the Academy of sailing.

Nikita Grigoriev: “This is my 3rd regatta. I stuck to my tactics and just believed in myself. I looked at the older guys who win, and repeated after them. Tomorrow I will try to climb higher in the standings! ”

The regatta will be a dress rehearsal for athletes of the Russian national team before the European Championship, which will be held June 22-29 in France. In the 2nd stage, the leading Russian riders take part: Kirill Shunenkov (Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg), Daria Savinova (Favorit, Vyborg), Danila Ivanov and Maxim Bondar Petersburg).

The yacht port “Johannes” takes on the stages of the series “Optimists of the Northern Capital. Gazprom Cup for the fourth year in a row.

The regatta will end on June 15, at 17:00 the winners will be awarded.

Evgeny Kitayev,

Press Service of the Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg.

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