Holland is waiting!

April 16, 2019

      Holland is waiting!
      In Holland, you are likely to be. But have you seen this remarkable country from the board of the yacht?

Holland is waiting!

If not, consider that you are not yet familiar with this Holland. Well, there is a chance to improve the case – besides, in May, when everything breathes in spring and freshness, but it's already warm.

The Advocates' Cup invites you to take part in a wonderful journey: under sail – in Holland in the first decade of May!

Lemmer, Enkhuizen, Medemblik, Texel Island, Hindelopen and Lemmer again – this is the route of this journey. What are the names! Magic !!! And now there is an opportunity to visit these places. So is it worth to miss the chance?

The Advocates' Cup is a famous regatta organized by the Moscow Bar Association Yulova and Partners and the Polvetra Yacht Travel Company. But do not be confused by the name of the regatta. In fact, you will be welcome, even if you have a vague idea about lawyers and attorneys. Moreover, sailing experience is also not required. Skilled skippers will explain everything and teach a lot, do not hesitate!

In general, our advice is to go to the regatta site http://advocatecup.ru/ to find out all the details. And – see you soon! Holland is waiting!

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