Guichard pursues evil rock!

Yesterday shortly before midnight Moscow time skipper Yann Guichard has decided to stop round the world race and sent a 40-metre Maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 back – in the direction of France. Cause – faulty power steering, which does not allow to continue the attempt to win the Trophy Jules Verne (Jules Verne Trophy).

The impression that the Team really pursues evil rock. He again and again trying to improve the record of the global race – and each time defeated. Here is a list of these failures.

In 2016, Spindrift 2 has stopped the race when the finish line was only 2600 miles – because of the massive anticyclone that’d have to go over the edge.

A new attempt was originally scheduled for November 2017. But meteorologists constantly postponed the launch, which was eventually given on 6 January 2018. However, in the beginning of the trimaran mast fell.

Another attempt failed on 1 February this year, when 1,200 nautical miles from Cape Luwin in the southern ocean, Spindrift 2 has damaged the right wheel. It is worth noting that all 16 days that the trimaran was in transit, it is significantly ahead of the record schedule skipper Guyana.

And now all the preparations went down the drain – and in the very beginning. Spindrift 2 has had to overcome only 703 miles…

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