How’s the ocean?

In Miami (USA) continue to race the second stage of the world Cup-2019. In the regatta, as we have already informed, involved 650 sailors from 60 countries, including 34 of the champion and prize-winner of Competitions.

While Russia is in the Miami are only three. 470 class (crew 37) Paul Sozykin and Denis Gribanov after four races occupy 23-e a place; the parishes 19 – (29) – 7 – 27. In “Finn” (27 participants) Alex Selivanov after five races – 20th, parishes 12 – (26) – 15 – 19 – 19.

The regatta will end on Sunday.

The results of the second phase of the world Cup!/results?classId=6cc5259e-2bad-4645-aac2-9c4ba76b6106

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