Gold at the Portuguese Silva


      Gold at the Portuguese Silva

On Lake Schwerin in Germany, the second European Finn-Masters Championship among drivers over 40 years old has ended.

Gold at the Portuguese Silva

On the last day of the regatta, the wind weakened to a minimum, nevertheless, the judges still managed to hold the next, seventh race. She, as it later turned out, turned out to be final: the wind finally turned sour.

The champion of Europe was the Portuguese Filipe Silva – 25 points. On the other steps of the podium, Dutchman Basa de Waal (29) and German Andre Budsen (35).

Recall that a large group of Russian yachtsmen took part in the second championship of the Finn-Masters continent. Here are the places they took:

14. Felix Denikaev. … 21. Dmitry Akhramenko. … 24. Vasily Kravchenko. 25. Alexander Kasatov. 26. Alexander Banko. …thirty. Mikhail Petriga. 31. Anatoly Voschennikov. 32. Alexey Borovyak. … 41. Yuri Polovinkin. …fifty. Sergey Lukin.

Recall also that the winner of the first European Championship Vladimir Krutskikh was not able to participate in the regatta. Now he performs at the Russian Championship in Olympic classes in Togliatti.

Full results –!/results?classId=finn

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