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Early November — the formal end of the Atlantic hurricane season and the beginning of the Charter season in the Caribbean. By this time, the crews of Charter yachts plan the annual transition across the Atlantic, to a time saying goodbye to the Mediterranean sea, to spend the next six months in tropical waters.

The Caribbean sea is a scattering of Islands, independent or overseas territories of various countries, the population which for centuries fought with the pirates and among themselves for dominance in the region. The result was a volatile mixture of Nations, languages, cuisines and architecture. Not to mention the fact that the nature of many Caribbean Islands do not resemble each other. From the white beaches and historical sights to fantastic diving and the best party on the planet: here you can find everything you want if you know where to look. We have gathered for you the best Charter routes of the Caribbean sea. Don’t miss the season: it will last only until may.


Between the Gulf of Mexico and the expanse of the Atlantic is the North ridge of the Caribbean Islands. It was hosted by pirates and today the local reefs (the resting place of many shipwrecks) are the world’s best places for diving and exploring the wild nature.

Turks and Caicos Islands

Dense archipelago of 40 Islands (not counting many small) 750 km South-East of the Bahamas — a British overseas territory. The permanent population (about 30 thousand people) there are only six of them, including “Central” Providenciales, whose banks are dotted with luxurious resorts. However, the Turks and Caicos Islands still retain the original flavor, and the nominal capital of the archipelago — Grand Turk — colonial model of quiet elegance. 170 km island circuit — it’s incredible landscapes and crystal clear water with lots of marine life. While this is not the most popular region for Charter compared to areas further South, but the one who is looking for a unique Caribbean yachting experience clean, making these places highly. Charter routes usually begin and end in Provi-denialist, the best time to visit is from November to April.

Cayman Islands

Another British overseas territory consisting of the Islands of Grand Cayman, little Cayman and Cayman brac. The coast is surrounded by reefs and mangroves. Grand Cayman is the administrative center of Georgetown, in the same home for over 80% of the local population, the main occupation of which — tourist services and… farming turtles. Once there was full of wild reptiles, which is why discovered these Islands, Columbus called them Las Tortugas (the Turtles). Later they were called the Cayman, having by mistake taken a major local iguanas for crocs and caimans. Here for centuries molested the ships for resupply: mostly hunted on the same turtles who have served and eating, and ballast, which led to almost complete destruction, but now reptiles are bred on farms — it makes sense to look at one of these.

  • Importantly in the Caribbean — luxurious flora and fauna

Cayman Islands — a part of the mountain range, passing through the deepest part of the Caribbean sea, besides the Islands there are no rivers to the sea is not imposed by organic matter, therefore, water clarity is unbelievable. Reefs, walls of ocean trenches, and shipwrecks make these places attractive for divers. In addition, there is fantastic deep sea fishing. Two small Islands are ideal for quiet cruises, and Grand Cayman, the main port for cruise liners — for parties: there are many restaurants, noisy clubs and boutiques. A good idea is to start the Charter from George town and return there; the best time to visit is December–April.


The most extensive Charter Caribbean sea — a series of mountain slopes and shoals interspersed with reefs. Diving there, but not everywhere, but it is full of picturesque anchorages, beautiful beaches, luxurious clubs and boutiques.

Leeward Islands

From Anguilla in the North to Dominica in the South. The chain of leeward Islands is a series of States with different natural and cultural landscape: international spirit of St Barth and Anguilla, historical heritage and regatta Antigua, tropical serenity of Saint Vincent. You can vary the Charter route such quiet corners as Barbuda, Nevis and Saba or heading South to visit the Islands of Montserrat, Dominica and Guadeloupe, where the strong influence of France.

St. Barts

To pronounce the French name of the island of Saint-Barthelemy all have long tired, so he turned into St. Barts; and it is called the Saint Tropez of the Caribbean. This place is a must-see: great selection of restaurants with excellent cuisine, stylish nightlife, chic boutiques and beaches.

  • The Caribbean has everything, including fantastic diving and luxury shopping

Saint Kitts and Nevis

A quarter of this island with white sandy beaches and warm turquoise waters designated as a national Park. Be sure to visit the valley of the Giants with the mountain passes, and Fort brimstone of the XVII century. Stand on anchor in the Bay the White house (White House Bay) and swim with turtles. Through a narrow Strait to reach the island of Nevis, where there are good diving spots, and world-famous Golf course Robert Trent Jones 18 holes.


If you suddenly wanted privacy, nearby is the island with beautiful mountain scenery on the shores and an abundance of tropical fish in the sea. Interestingly, Saba is the highest point of the Netherlands, as this country belongs to. There are no beaches, no hotels, but it is unlikely you’ll need them if you have decent Charter yacht. Come to the island by sea it is also because to get here a different way — quite nervous activity: runway of the local airport — the shortest in the world (400 m); the airport is considered one of the most dangerous, and even experienced pilots do not always succeed the first time to land.


But at the Antigua airport is big and international. This fact, along with the major regattas of classic and contemporary yacht, makes the island one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean and a good place to start the Charter. Historic English harbour (English Harbor), founded by Admiral Nelson, puts the colonial flavor, and the many bays and great beaches allows at least a week to walk around the island. Evenings are quite noisy, especially in Dickinson Bay where the casino is.

Virgin Islands

“The offshore capital of the world” — perhaps the perfect place to relax on a chartered yacht: here you can find everything. Islands belonging to the USA, look more lively and developed. British smaller, but heartier and more original.

Saint Thomas

Perfect day on this American island: morning — beach day — visit colonial churches, and romantic dinner. The capital Charlotte Amalie looks quite charming thanks to its architecture and pirate legends. Here is the Blackbeard’s Castle. It was built in the XVII century by the Danes, but, say, a legendary English pirate Edward teach (Blackbeard) was watching from the tower of the castle their victims.

Jost van dyke

The island got its name in honor of another pirate, Dutch. Well-protected anchorages, beaches with coconut trees and “natural Jacuzzi”… to Visit this place should be clear.


Delicious local cuisine, colonial attractions and the blue ocean — what more do you need? Probably to look at an old rum distillery Callwood Rum Distillery.

  • An integral part of Caribbean atmosphere, music and an extensive calendar of festivals and carnivals

Virgin Gorda

This island is considered the most beautiful in the Caribbean, although the name had not particularly glamorous, and means “Fat virgin”. The island is really a Paradise, especially the part of the coast that is called Baths (Bath) — a labyrinth of caves and huge granite boulders.


Now the island is uninhabited, but its history is full of legends of pirates and treasure. Claim that Norman became the prototype of “treasure Island” Robert Louis Stevenson, visiting the local caves in search of treasure — a popular entertainment of tourists.

Saint John

The smallest and the richest of the U.S. virgin Islands is close to British Saint Thomas and Tortola. Here stunningly beautiful beaches, and one can come here only by boat — the airport on the island there.

Windward Islands

The Eastern part of the lesser Antilles archipelago stretches from the virgin Islands to Trinidad. The name is connected with a windward position relative to the North-East Passat, which over the centuries Europeans traveled to the New world. Here located independent States of Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and the possessions of great Britain, France and the Netherlands. From Martinique in the North to Grenada in the South, these Islands are particularly loved by the owners of superyachts. Charter routes convenient to start and finish on Islands, Saint Lucia, Martinique and Grenada, but there are other options. Best time to visit is from November to may.

Saint Lucia

Twin volcanic peaks, Gros Piton and Petit Piton, connected by a crest of Piton Mitan, is the symbol of this island. Included in the list of UNESCO world heritage site, this part of the island promises a great day for lovers of active recreation and magnificent views from the peaks. And in the Northern part of Saint Lucia’s Rodney Bay is a picturesque Bay, attractive for its lagoon with Golden sand and a vibrant nightlife.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The state consists of the island of St. Vincent and 32 Islands and cays. Here is the world famous national marine Park Tobago Cays, the archipelago is ideal for a family holiday: walking through the tropical forest, typical Caribbean white sandy beaches and interesting excursions.


Pearl necklace in the Grenadines with the atmosphere of the old Caribbean. Come on the yacht to Port Elizabeth, which is full of interesting excursions, or Windsurfing in the Admiralty Bay. Here you can play Golf, and “light” in the club, and then relax on the white beach sand.


The leisurely pace of island life conducive to simple and not so simple pleasures: riding along the beaches, play tennis in the renowned Mustique Tennis Club, or arrange a Spa day is world class.


Southern Caribbean, located off the coast of Venezuela, is often called the ABC Islands in honor of the three largest: Aruba (Aruba), Bonaire (Bonaire), curaçao (Curacao). It is not the most common Charter direction in comparison with, say, the British virgin Islands, but its potential was huge. First, here do not reach the infamous Caribbean hurricanes, and secondly, this is one of the best places in the world for diving and snorkeling, thirdly, proximity to South America puts their notes in the local cultural landscape.


Visitors can immerse themselves in the nightlife of the island: clubs, casino, rum and reggae. However, the underwater life is no less interesting: magnificent beaches with clear water, diverse marine life (over 450 species) and four dozen different dive sites, including wreck diving. Coral space on the Aruba big, but still it is not comparable to Bonaire, whose reefs completely encircle an island.


There are many available even for beginners reefs and wrecks. The most popular diving is considered to be the Hilma Hooker, named after a sunken ship there. In many places coral “gardens” starts right from the shore and stretch inland for a hundred meters. The island is a National marine Park, it is not as noisy as many of the Caribbean Islands, but quite cheerful. Steady trade winds make it an attractive place for all “wind” of water sports; it is also interesting to explore the mangroves by kayak.


Experienced divers love this island, but floating in the shallow water with flippers and mask, you will not be disappointed: tropical fish here Nemer. Another advantage of curaçao’s tranquil beaches with white powdery sand is the best place for families with children. And don’t forget to visit the island’s capital Willemstad is a city protected by UNESCO.

Trinidad and Tobago

An independent state consisting of two large and several small Islands located at a distance from the Islands of ABC (450 miles), but only seven miles from the coast of Venezuela. Tourism here has not yet become the basis of the national economy, and it’s for the best: you can still enjoy the authentic atmosphere. Trinidad is a very “festival” island: calendar of local festivals is very rich. In November there is a major jazz festival, but it is better to plan a visit to this island in February–March when all the noise in here Grand carnival. And if you want to escape from the violence life of Trinidad, go to Tobago: explore the colonial FORTS, scenic underwater reefs and protected tropical forest.

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