From the plans of the class Ultime breathtaking

After the fall of last year, several Maxi-trimarans received in the transatlantic Route du Rhum serious damage (and one of them did and were destroyed), it seemed that over the Ultime class, dark clouds. For a long time.

Worst-case assumptions seems to be confirmed when the decision was made to postpone indefinitely Brest Oceans -the race Maxi-trimaran around the world (initially the launch was scheduled for December 29, 2019). And almost immediately after it became known that the organizers of the upcoming October race Transat Jacques Vabre crossed the Ultime class (remember, the ships length – 32 meters width – 23) from the list of participants.

However, the clouds suddenly dispersed, the sky cleared. A week ago the famous françois Gabaret announced sensational news (and we introduced you to her): next autumn will be a race of Maxi-trimarans Brest Atlantiques. From the French Brest – South-West to Rio de Janeiro. In the approach to Rio is a sharp change of course towards the Cape of Good hope. Then, without calling at Cape town, once again changing course to the North. Finish in Brest after a month. For each trimaran – two skipper, that is, the race is double-handed. And a reporter onboard to the fullest and brightly illuminate the contest.

Moreover, it turned out that this race plans class are not limited. As reported by the influential (and, more importantly, well-informed) the French online edition of Tip & Shaft, developed a long-term program starts Maxi-trimarans – which can not leave indifferent true fans of these oceanic monsters. So…

In 2020 will be a race The Arch of the Mediterranean, around Europe.

In 2021 – race around the world with full crews. Start presumably in nice.

2022-the year (at least yet) no common race; a year is reserved for repairs and record attempts.

But in 2023 – the same, postponed until better times Brest Oceans Race, a round the world single race.

Already captures the spirit. We have exactly. And you?

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