How’s our young people?

In several countries of Europe in those days the championship of the continent and the world. How are the young Russian sailors?

Let’s start with the Slovenian Portoroz. In the world championship 470 class, as we previously reported, involve 65 crews, including two from Russia.

Held 5 races. Leading Italian crew, Giacomo Ferrari/ Giulio Calabro – 5 points (with one outlier).

Our Timothy Grigorin-Ryabov/ Alexey Safonov – for the 18th place (34 points), Olga shoykhet/ Denis Makarov – at the 30th (50 points).

Detailed results after five races

In Athens continues the European championship in the class “Laser radial” (athletes under 19 years).

The boys held 4 races. According to their results ahead of Mewes Videowild (Germany) – 4 points (with one outlier).

Our 38. Dmitry Golovkin – 33 points. …51. Sergey Doroshenko – 41. …127. Cyril Tereshkin – 77. …172. Vladimir Novoselov – 106.

The girls held 5 races. The leader then Cypriote Marilena Marley – 5 points.

Our: 25. Alexander Lukoyanov – 53. …28. Elizaveta Borovkova – 60. …45. Victoria Lisacheva – 80. …48. Polina Soloveichik – 86.

Detailed results –


Finally, Risør (Norway) started the world championship in the classes 49er, 49erFX and the Nacra17. Just say that “Nacre” our no – there is generally almost no one: only 9 crews.

In the 49er after three races leading new Zealanders Jackson Keon and Scott McKenzie 8 points. The only Russian Duo Mikhail Ushkov/ Kirill Boboshko with 48 points and is in 34th place (all teams – 53).

In the 49erFX are 37 teams. Here also held three races, after which the lead Swede Wilma Bobek and Malin tengstrem 16 points.

Our: 6. Daniel Usachev/ Ilya Ganeev – 27 points. …12. Zoya Novikova/ Diana Sabirova – 49. …15. Vasily Andreev/ Leonid Posev – 53.

Detailed results –

2019 Junior World Championship

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