From Singapore – to Peter

January 29, 2019

      From Singapore – to Peter
      Yacht Club St. Petersburg was visited by a racer, trainer, current president of the Singapore Class 420 Association Yazid Ramley. His son Muhammad Daniel Kei Yazid, until recently, was one of the best "optimists" in Asia, now he is the Champion of Asia in the 420 class.

From Singapore - to Peter

In the framework of the visit, the Academy staff conducted a small tour of the Yacht Club to Yazid, showed the battleship Poltava launched. Yazid talked to the Academy coach in class 420 German Manakov, they discussed the specifics of the training process in two countries.

After that, an open meeting was held for everyone, at which Ramley spoke about the necessary components of success for each professional racer, in his opinion, and answered questions.

Here are (thesis) the main points on which Yazid stayed during the conversation:

– Despite the fact that sailing is the number one sport in Singapore and receives certain benefits and subsidies from the state, parents, as a rule, cover 100% of the expenses of riders. Even the best of the best, caught in the national team, budget team covers only 60% of the costs. The search for sponsors falls on the shoulders of both the riders and their parents, and the federation of each class.

– Physical training is an important aspect of sailing sports success; in Singapore, recommendations come mainly from the Sports Council. Each athlete is obliged to regularly pass the necessary standards (running, otkrenivaniya, pull-ups, etc.) to get into the team.

– Singapore athletes spend on the water 9 months a year, except for the rainy season. In the rainy season, the best riders continue to train in other areas, the rest spend most of their time in the gyms.

– Singapore Championship in the class "Optimist" usually collects a fleet of about 380 boats, according to the results of the regatta 16 best athletes get into team A, and another 16 into team B.

– Discipline is the cornerstone of the success of the best Asian athletes. Despite the fact that the main funding comes from parents, they do not have the right to intervene in the training process. A racer, no matter how successful and talented he is, has no right to discuss the coach’s decisions – this threatens to be immediately expelled. The salary of Singapore coaches is fixed and depends primarily on the success of their players, and not on their number.

– To train your own child is the most difficult thing that can happen to a trainer.

Yazid was pleased with what he saw and wished success to the Russian athletes in international competitions, noting that they have everything they need for this.

Evgeny Kitayev,

Press Service of the Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg

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