STEALTH 46M ARV: bright “invisible” from Peter the Units

“Stealth”, “invisible”, “radar detector”… Surely you have thought about the latest military technology. How about a luxurious 46-metre superyacht, which, chameleon-like, outwardly mimics a military vessel, but remains within itself? It turned out to be STEALTH 46M ARV experiment by British designer Peter Units (Peter Bolke), about 20 years worked in the team of Dubois Naval Architects, and now founded his own Agency, Peter Bolke Design Ltd.

“The concept of STEALTH design that causes passersby to turn the neck,” reads the project description on the website of the Peter the Units.

Gross tonnage STEALTH — 499 gross tonnes and draught of only 2.3 m, so the boat can get quite close to the shore and stay even in shallow bays. It will be equipped with two diesel engines of 1200 HP each, which will be able to overclock it to 16 knots. At a cruising speed of 13 knots she will be able to go to 4.8 thousand nautical miles.

One of the main design features of STEALTH — the absence of a pronounced bridge. Two control stands located on the main deck in the bow guest cabin and not separated from the main relaxation areas. The second feature STEALTH — windshield styling reminiscent of the solutions used in the construction of sports boats, when glass panels are continuing on both sides far behind the operating zone. Both bulwarks in the salon cut and glazed, so that the sea view you can admire from there.

Glass on STEALTH everywhere here and the apartment owners on the lower deck on both sides provided by four-meter Windows.

Cabin width is the space from one side to the other (8.9 m). Its total area is 50 sq. m. Besides her on the yacht are a further four double guest cabins and four crew cabins.

Maximum sloping stairs connecting all levels of the yacht, designed to facilitate the movement of the ship even to the attendants, whose hands are often busy bulk trays. No exception, and small broad staircase leading from the aft platform for swimming on the main deck. By the way, the size of this area can be easily increased to a full-fledged beach club. For this residual to use two shutters are raised to the sides.

The shipyard, which will build the STEALTH has not yet been determined, but probably the project will take the company from Northern Europe. If the owner of the yacht will be found soon, the launching brainchild of Peter the Units will take place in 2020. Official brokers STEALTH was the company Ocean Independence. The final price of a yacht depends on many criteria and will be negotiated directly with her future owner. In particular, only from the desire of the owner depends, aluminum or composite would be the body of his STEALTH.

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