From island to island

February 18, 2019

      From island to island
      Tonight Moscow time at Antigua Yacht Club on Antigua will be the start of the first of the 600-mile regattas of the year – RORC Caribbean 600.

From island to island

The specificity of this race is that its route winds between 11th Caribbean islands. Here is what Igor Zaretsky told specifically for Yacht Russia yesterday, who participated in the RORC Caribbean 600 several times (he honestly admitted that he didn’t remember – three or four times):

“The islands among which the race takes place have a significant effect on the strength of the wind. This is especially evident in Guadeloupe, rounding which, you turn 180 degrees. When approaching it from the north, one always wonders how it is better to pass from the western side (with a constant east wind) – closer to the coast or seaward. Here the wind can vary from 0 to 25-30 knots. Yes, and from the south side is not sweeter, you go upwind, on the left Guadeloupe, on the right islets, blowing like in a pipe.

For most boats, this very interesting and challenging race takes 4 days. After the finish, the organizers give each crew a box of cold beer Wadadli and ask to transfer part of the food left on board to the inhabitants of the island. I don’t know how it is now, but I found times when piles of food were towering around each boat. ”

The regatta is young, it is held only for the 11th time, but it quickly gained popularity. About 700 yachtsmen from more than 20 countries will take part in this race. It was planned that the ships would be 78, but a few days before the start of the race the yacht Maxi 72 Proteus lost the mast, and then a sudden squall, as we have already told, turned over the trimaran MOD 70 Argo, on board which at that moment were distinguished guests – Brian Thompson and Francois Gabar.

Now, just a few hours before the start of the race, it is still not known whether Argo will take part in the race or not. However, according to his American skipper Jason Carroll, the trimaran (which, by all accounts, was supposed to compete with the famous Maserati Multi 70 Giovanni Soldini) did not receive any visible damage. But careful checks continue.

Among the yachts that will be launched, there are those on which Russian skippers are. There are three such yachts – Anna of Mikhail Maturev, Ivanka of Viktor Malakhov and Optimus Prime of Yury Fadeev (the latter emphasized that he has an international team).

Well, we will follow them – and, of course, cheer! Go, friends!

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