The path lies in Helsinki

June 30, 2019

      The path lies in Helsinki
      The fight for trophies of the Nord Stream Race is continuing. After a difficult struggle at the coastal races in Stockholm, there was a change of leader – the Swedish team, which showed the best results, was disqualified due to a violation of the rules.

The path lies in Helsinki

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Crazy beauty views accompanied the participants of the coastal races of the Nord Stream Race in Stockholm. The start was given at a distance from the city center, and the finish was taken near the racing village, surrounded by a round dance of the historical buildings of the Swedish capital. The starting procedure took place with weak winds and the Finns, Danes and Swedes did the best with the crossing of the start line. At the same time, the last two teams squeezed the Russians into the “box”, almost immobilizing the yacht, so our “Leviathan” was the last to leave the distance.

A little tacking up to the top mark, and the boats are drawn into the fight on a long full course, where the struggle for leadership between the two Scandinavian and Finnish teams continues. The Russians are gradually catching up with the German boat and bypass it, while the wind increases, gradually reaching 15-17 knots.

Then the most dramatic events of this day take place: Russians are catching up with the leading group on the bottom sign, and the Finns and Danes are coming forward. On the rounding of the mark, the Swedes break the rule of connectedness.

“We filed a protest against the Swedish team because of a violation of the rule of connectedness on the bottom sign. They prevented us from bending around. As a result of this incident, we lost our positions and all the chances of winning in this race. In the end, the Swedish team was disqualified, "- said tank Finnish team Emil Nordlund.

The Swedish team crossed the finish line first, but by the decision of the race committee, this result was canceled. In the overall ranking, the team dropped to third place with a score of 14 points, giving way to the Danes (13 points) and the Russians (11 points).

“We have different opinions about the violation of the rules. But we focused on the upcoming race. It is very interesting how the struggle will unfold further, ”said the skipper of the Swedish team Christian Harding.

June 30 at 13.00 in the center of Stockholm launched the third offshore stage of the regatta. Boats can finish in Helsinki on the morning of July 1, a strong fair wind is expected. This will be the most beautiful transition in the skerry areas. It is believed that this area is one of the most difficult for racing because of the many dangers and constantly changing winds.

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