For Saturday races the plan is executed

Saturday morning greeted the participants of the championship of Russia in SB20 class, which takes place in Saint-Petersburg, gusty but steady in the direction southwest wind speed from 10 to 14 knots.

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Weather in St. Petersburg it was a clear, cloudless. The main judge of competitions Anna Deyanova, speaking to sailors at the morning briefing, noted that the racing Commission intends, as the day before, spend the maximum number of races to four. And this plan eventually was implemented.

First start showed that sailors spoiling for a fight: a false start several boats have led to the General opinion. Re-starting the procedure was purely. The fight in the first five evolved quite dramatically. Already in the first tacking designated group leaders: Anna Basalkina, Vasily Grigoriev, Andrey Bolyakin, Dmitry Tretyakov, Anastasia Morozova came to the top mark together. After diffraction, the team Morozova made a successful attempt to break away from opponents, having gone to the West, and to the gate already out on the net the first position. The second running downwind the balance on the course has not changed – Morozov, with visible separation, was first, followed by Basalkina, Grigoriev and the rest of the fleet… But at the final stage of the race the advantage was lost, and the pursuers, that is, ate of the leader. The victory went to MST Vasily Grigoriev, second place Anna Basalkina with My team Marusia. Anastasia Morozova – a third, but as it turned out, this result is a key to its successful climb up the standings.

In the second race of the enviable skills of the riders from the team Melston Team, up to this point neglected for the first half of the regatta scored as many points instead of the usual struggle for top sailors it was the time to think about the possibility of getting into the top ten. However, the team of Kirill Frolov was able to break a protracted losing streak and finally show their leadership qualities: the first two and one “silver” parishes in the remaining races of the day proof. In second place finished Vadim Pusev, the third was again Anastasia Morozova.

The victory in the third race determined the maneuver team RUS 3712, taken on the second tacking at the same time as the entire top of the fleet chose to lift the right part of the distance, Anastasia Morozova has made a protracted gals in the East. And not lost. To the upper sign she came first, significantly ahead of the nearest pursuers. At the finish the gap between the athletes representing the Russian technological University, which came in second place the team of Kirill Frolov was 45 seconds! Finished third guests from Portugal, the team Vasco Serpa (POR 3114), the fourth was the riders of the VIS Sailing Team, the fifth place – VICTORIA Vadim Puseva.

By this time, almost each team has got this point baggage that the one and only “release” is not correct. For some participants the upcoming eighth race of the championship, after which followed a regular “release” would mean additional opportunity to improve their position. Such, certainly, could be attributed to the team of Anastasia Morozova, on the liabilities side, which had two “good release”. And sailors this opportunity did not fail to take advantage of a strong finish in second place allowed them to “forget” about the two not too successful

parishes. In the end, with 12 points RUS 3712 – sole leader of the regatta. But Kirill Frolov and his Melston Team even another victory in the race hardly much cheer: trailing the leaders by 10-15 points, it’s hard to dream about medals.

Given the weather forecast (wind 8-10 m/s), we can assume that the race Committee on Sunday will have time to spend 2-3 races. The teams fighting for prizes, “throw” has nothing, and care of hands, the tournament itself goes by the wayside. So tomorrow we will watch the fight in the first five, which promises to be both fascinating and implacable.

Vladimir Komel (senior judge at the start):

– In General, the championship is going great. The program, which was scheduled for Saturday. Every day in the races is not complete without the overall feedback. Teams start tight, all want to occupy a favorable position, start to accelerate and at the same time trying not to break the rules and away from other yachts. And sometimes all this big crowd turns out on a false start. A normal situation for such races.

The fight, overall, very interesting and it begins right from the start. Everything is very tightly fit to the first sign, the same high density and at the gate. But on the second loop, when boats are returning from the top, the race is already tactical combat. Everyone is looking for the gusts, and they all go in different angles. Racers try to determine which side is more profitable. South-West wind are unpredictable its gains that come from different sides. Leaders today may be lucky, and maybe they read these moments. But it was the right thing. It was seen as the boats that went to the left side of the race, it went well with the release gate.

After two days of racing, the five leaders of the championship as follows:

1. RUS 3712 (Anastasia Morozova, Artem Bailkin, Jan Basalkina, Alexei Lesnikov) – 12 points

2. ENG 3715 (Dmitry Tretyakov, Timur Sabirzyanov, Alexander Mikhailov) – 17

3. ENG 3327 (Vasily Grigoriev, Denis Berezkin, Mikhail Markin) – 19

4. ENG 3730 (Vadim Pusev, Ivan Gromov, Aleksei Kolobanov, Yuri Artemiev) – 21

5. RUS 3708 (Kirill Frolov, Egor Ignatenko, Egor Terpigorev) – 27

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