Whale watching

Folk wisdom says that a whale on a fishing rod will not catch. But the whales – great anglers. Rather, Christology. What can I say, watching these magnificent creatures of nature delivers a lot of impressions.

Just imagine: a huge ten-storey building suddenly came to life and
swims in the sea, blowing fountains. Sometimes he jumps out of the water and falls back
kicking up into the air tons of spray. Such a sight is worth a lot!

Where is the best to go in order to capture
on film and in memory of the miracle of nature – a whale in its natural habitat?

Russia, Kola Peninsula

In may off the coast of the Kola Peninsula spawning cod. Know about whales and come here hoping for a feast. If you go to sea, it is easy to see sperm whales and minke whales, their populations numerous. And if you’re lucky, you can find bowhead whale, buvala, narwhal, highbrow butylenes and seyval.

Place: Russia, Kola Peninsula

Season: may

Whales: three species of toothed and six species of whales mouth

Russia, Shantar Islands

In the Bay of Aracan on the Shantar Islands inhabited by whales, friendly whales. To observe them it is possible directly in the sea from the shore. Beluga whales, orcas, gray, Japanese, and bowhead whales come here to feed. Now on the Islands you can see only the employees of the weather station, numerous bird colonies and rookeries of seals. But when it was the whalers.
In the middle of the XX even believed that the population of gray and polar whales in the Shantary completely destroyed. But the ban on commercial whaling that allowed them to recover. Entire flocks (about 10 individuals at once) gray whales are just a few metres from the shore, so you can see them for sure.

Also, gray whales greet cruise ship passengers slightly North, off the coast of Kamchatka and Wrangel island.

Place: Russia, Shantar Islands

Season: July-August

Whales: whales and orcas

Russia, Solovetsky Islands

White whales – an unforgettable sight! Should make
journey to the North of Russia to see this beautiful creation.
The white giants may not seem in all its charm just 15
metres from Beluga Cape. This place even has a developed tourist
infrastructure, but the fame of the white whales makes the Cape more and more popular for
lovers of ecotourism.

The people of a white whale called “singing”. This careful
the creation of restricted habitat, so before heading
admire the white whale, read about it as much as possible.

Place: Russia, Beluga

Season: summer
low tide

Whales: whale-Belukha

South Africa

Would you believe whales have their own festival. It goes
in a small Bay of Hermanus. Here the whales come to birth
their kids and stay here until the babies will not grow up.

On the cliffs and rocks of the shore observation deck from which you can see perfectly all the flips and pirouettes whales in the Bay, and sometimes there are fun jumps and fountains from
about 20 individuals! In addition, we organize boat trips, allowing you to admire these giants.

This, of course, attracts tourists from all over the world. So
city have a unique profession, whose name translated into Russian
can something like “the caretaker of the whale”. Its task is to monitor, and then
to inform where and when you can see these magnificent creatures of nature.

Location: South Africa,

Season: July-November

Whales: the southern whale-Gorbach
and many other types


Bay of Biscay will not deceive your expectations and will give
meet the whale. A large number of plankton in the water causes for the giants
excellent dining room. Since then, as whale hunting is banned, it is simply Paradise
for them.

Since 1996, the Museum organises special tours on the sea for
to observe and study marine life. The whales are here I feel at home,
you can see them from the ferry, and at certain times of the year from the shore. So
buen provecho, my dear Keith, but in the meantime you admire.

Place: Spain,
The Bay of Biscay

Season: August-September

Whales: orca,
sperm whales, fin whales and other species

New Zealand

Suitable season for viewing whales in New Zealand
you have to choose, it can be done at any time of the year. You should only leave
on the South island and heading out into the Bay. Kaikoura, whales, sperm whales, killer whales – are all
the letter “K”.

Cold and warm currents, plenty of plankton and small fish –
whales believe that for them it is perfect. Summer lasts from October to March, so
if you want to bask under the warm sun – it is the right time
to visit the island. Orcas and humpback whales prefer the summer and
sperm whales drifting along the coast of the South island all year round.

Location: New Zealand,

Season: all year round

Whales: orca,
humpback whale, sperm whale


No wonder California is considered one of the best places to
whale watching. It is here necessary to hurry for those who want to see
the largest whale is blue. But tourists are more attracted to gray whales
they are renowned for their friendliness to man.

They get so close
that it can be seen in all the details and even stroke. Thrill
sensations go meet the whale in small boats. Sometimes whales
even play with this boat for them, it really is in size like a toy.

And in 2014, biologists noticed that the number of whales in the
bays of California rose to a record high. Until now, explanations for this
phenomenon has not been found. The number of whales and other marine fauna to
still kept at a high level.

Location: United States, Peninsula
Baja, California

Season: all year round
beginning of February-end of April

Whales: blue, humpback,
blue, sanwali, sperm whales


To see mating whales – what could be more fun?
Honeymoon giants often spend near the Azores. Center
The Atlantic ocean attracts over 20 species of these amazing creatures
among them – the blue whale.

Early whales were the main occupations of the islanders. And
now professional sailors-guides invite you to hunt the whale only

Place: The Azores
Islands, island of San Miguel

Season: April-beginning of

Whales: toothed whales,
sperm whales, Northern bottlenose whales and more than 20 types


In order to count on a meeting with Keith, quite
to arrive at the North-East coast of Iceland. But for greater reliability is
to visit the capital of whales, Húsavík.

The Gulf of Skjalfandi has long been considered one of the favorite places for these marine giants. Here you can see how killer whales play with their young, tossing them high into the air with his head. And yet –
in special luck – you will be able to hear the songs of humpback whales, which occupy
the top of the hit parade among the sea creatures.

Singing whales in the mating season. It
time they usually leave for warmer waters. But sometimes in a particularly romantic
the spirit can do his song and in the offseason.

Location: Iceland, city

Season: April-October

Whales: orca,
humpback, minke whales, blue


If you want to see how whales hunt for shoals
fish, you in Norway. Be prepared for the fact that the Lofoten Islands are
below the Arctic circle. The warm Gulf stream ensures there is quite
the mild climate, but fans of sunshine will not find the usual comfort.

But the landscape of the Islands is simply magnificent, rising directly from the water rocks in
bays, white sand and turquoise bays. Mysterious desert
Islands, centuries – old trees all around fascinates and calls to adventure.
Water Islands full of herring, a favorite treat of sperm whales and killer whales. So you
unable to witness the gorgeous sight: hunting whales for prey.

Location: Norway,
The Lofoten Islands

Season: winter

Whales: bowhead
polar whale, sperm whale, Biscay whale, blue whale, minke whales and orcas

Vancouver Island

The migration of whales near Vancouver island resembles a procession or
parade. Giants important sailing very close to the beach, deftly and gracefully, there are
the opportunity to consider all the details even from the coast.

This spectacle can be enjoyed for hours, it’s mesmerizing. And if you go on
the tourist ship, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the view of the island
the ocean, admire the enchanted snow-white mountain peaks.

Location: Canada, on.

Season: March-October

Whales: killer whales, grey
whales, blue, humpback, and many other types


Included in the list of UNESCO world heritage Peninsula
Valdez is not just beautiful, it’s unique. Right here are sea elephants and eared
seals – rare animals. South whales, giant 14-metre, cause
admired for its graceful and harmonious forms.

The Peninsula they arrive to give birth to cubs, especially in October. But in other seasons you can enjoy the spectacle of playing in the sun whales. Beautiful nature,
rare animals, endless blue ocean – the wide range of impressions you

Location: Argentina, province
Chubut province, Peninsula Valdes

Season: June-December

Whales: southern smooth

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