Floating hotel with catamaran

The Floating Hotel project, developed by the Serbian Studio Salt & Water, is designed to help the development of tourism in inland waters – a beautiful, pristine, ready to greet the guests, but difficult to access because of missing and expensive infrastructure.

A great solution for such places would be modular floating hotel is environmentally friendly and looks in perfect harmony with nature. The project of Floating Hotel consists of two components: a Central object that will accommodate a hall, reception, office, office space, restaurant and bar – mobile and self-contained accommodation-catamarans.

Each room is a cross between pontoon and a catamaran. This is a small floating house that has a living room, a cabin and a bathroom. It is equipped with a flybridge and a swimming platform from which you can dive or fish. Room capacity: 2 main and 2 extra beds.

The main idea of the project is to allow the guests to enjoy a relaxing holiday with the closest possible contact with nature. Floating houses are equipped with low-power motors, so residents can choose to go to the far end of the reservoir and to be there in complete isolation from the hustle and bustle of civilization.

Source: saltandwater.rs

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