As it was in Miami

Alexey Selivanov tells the story of how the steering, along with the American Luke Lawrence they won at the end in Miami a few days ago, the first Junior (under 30 years) the world championship in the class “Star”.

The victory of Luke Lawrence and Alexey Selivanov in the world Cup in Miami, of course, you know about what was happening overseas, Yacht Russia reported as quickly as possible. But, of course, wanted details. Therefore, immediately after the end of the regatta the correspondent YR called Selivanov to interview.

Alas, the connection with Miami was terrible: half uttered Alex words was impossible to tell. So I decided: we are in Yacht Russia will prepare the questions, Ken will answer them in writing.

And that’s what we’ve got.

Yacht Russia: – once again, congratulations to You, Alex, with the world title. What was Your greatest achievement?

Alexey Selivanov: – The biggest was a third place at the world Cup in Medemblik in 2012. I spoke on “Finn” and ahead of then, for example, Dutchman Peter Jan Postma ( on his home water!), a strong Slovenian yachtsman of Gasper Vinca… the Difference with the second place was only one point from the first – if not mistaken, two. Finish this race in General was interesting – the first 4 places were decided on the last ten metres.

YR: – How did the idea to perform at the Junior world Championships in the Star class? Kept it in mind, going to America? And how was a member of the world Cup in the Olympic classes, which also took place in Miami?

A. S.: – the Idea of the Junior championship was prompted by my friend Josh Revkin. Previously, he raced in a class “Finn”, and the last 5 years of playing in the “Star”; together with the Norwegian steering Peter Melbi they in 2017 became world Champions.

So, Josh last October called and asked how old I am. The fact that the rules of the Junior world Cup wrote: at the start of the tournament steering must be less than 31 years. It turned out, I’m not: I’m 31 years old. But kotovych this rule does not apply. So Josh decided that the steering I find is already in place, in Miami (especially before the championship was to be held the world Cup and wanting to stay in Florida always plenty), and we polonaese pleasure.

The plan was I was supposed to fly to Miami to get used to the time difference, to walk a week – and then to distill the “Star”. But life has made adjustments in the sailing centre, I met with his friend Professor Charles Hitlerum (he sometimes stands in a class “the Finn masters”), who made an offer “you can’t refuse” – has offered his yacht to attend the world Cup and paid the entry fee.

Such suggestions and indeed do not refuse, as I get it together to pay it all myself, would have to pay around 2000 dollars. Participation in the Cup was a very good training to race the world Cup.

Class “Finn” is now at the peak of competition is the technique of walking on the new yacht is mastered, the young guys do not stop daily training for 6 years, trained by their former senior opponents – winners of the Olympic games, and adds a fire the fact that ahead ,perhaps the last Olympics and last chance to make Olympic history class “the Finn”.

At the world Cup to relax is not given, a complex race, a steady wind was not getting to the first mark first and the wind is calm, you can be 16 and even further. The result of the regatta I expect is not pleased (Selivanov took 20-th place. – Approx. YR), but strong competition and the opportunity to recall the strategy of the race, to feel the waters very useful.

YR.: – Whether You were previously familiar with Luke Lawrence? When we first met?

A. S.: – Luke and I met in 2010. Class “Finn” is very friendly. We trained together, fought in the competition. Happened, drove one car, I raced on his boat in the days of the world Cup in Miami in 2015. he was Born in palm beach is nearby, also in Florida. It turned out, we have characters like South, and the same interests. Luke guy cheerful, honest, sociable, talented and loves to walk our way.

YR.: – Who’s Dr. Jim Revkin, which, as he wrote the American press, has provided You with Luke on the boat to participate in the championship?

A. S.: – that is another story. The role of Jim in our victory is really great. It all began in 2012 at the Kiel regatta when Josh Revkin, Jim, asked me “Finn” to participate in the competition. His yacht was in England, and my spare was on the trailer 20 metres from launch. I said – and the next day our group joined Josh on my yacht.

And in the last racing day of the Kiel regatta I had to save him two miles from the shore. The wind by the end of the second race increased from 25 to 50 nodes and only 5 yachts from 34 were able to walk to the finish line. There were coups, and torn plumes, and broken masts.

Josh turned over in the middle of finishing gybing and 15 minutes of bathing were cold, so I couldn’t bend my fingers to reach the centerboard from the water. I had already finished and were in the harbour when he saw the upturned boat, came up, took it out of the water in your “Finn”, and he jumped to turn the second. So, exchanging yachts, reached the yacht club.

Well, sort of, nothing special, who of us wouldn’t do the same? But now we are like brothers. And Jim is our father:)

Jim of 66 years, he is a cardiologist, is looking for a member of a research group of protein can stop the synthesis of bad cholesterol in our liver, and free time from work conducted on the boat or in the mountains. It was taught as a child to walk safely on a cruise boat, so in the race, he prefers to give up and not showing the Olympic results, but this does not stop him from participating in the competition.

So this is Jim offered me his yacht for the world Cup, paid the entry fee and was advised to take the Hatch in the steering. Said the two of you can win. And he was right.

YR: – did You Go, Alex, before “Star”? Can we say that once You found Luke? Which of the races of the world championship was most memorable for You?

A. S.: – my asset had 4 of the regatta as Shkotovo at the “Star” and 7 competitions on the waters of Biscayne Bay, which hosted the world Cup. For Luke this Bay their home where it 15 times participated in regattas in the class “Star”.

But we both steering and in his time at the world Cup in Miami was at the same level. Of course, I was worried about the question of how we can interact on the same crew. The answer I got in the first race, and most of all she remembered.

We chose the side to looked like Luke did an excellent start, and then I said, in the wind and when to turn. A 3-minute lead over the rivals, when we crossed the finish line, and he is happy, asked me: are you sure? I said, if I taxied, we would have taken 6 minutes:)) In General, it’s gone.

YR: – are you and Luke continue to play together? And does the victory in the Junior championship the finals of the Star Sailors League 2019?

A. S.: – About the final SSL so far no information. Luke had already participated in the regatta, and, may be, he will be invited again.

As for the performances – we’ll see. While I agreed to defend us with a Silver Cup in 2020 at the next world Cup in Italy. It remains only to find the boat. Jim far as the class “Star” on costs – it’s not “Finn”.

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