Five races with a steady wind

July 8, 2019

      Five races with a steady wind
      On July 7, the traditional Sunday Weekend Regatta took place in the PIRogovo Yacht Club. With a stable south-westerly wind from 3 to 5 m / s, the race committee managed to hold 5 races.

Five races with a steady wind

Among the 12 crews, the top three winners look like this:

1st place – RUS 79 Alesya Pirogov, Andrey Novikov, Pavel Kirilyuk.

Crews who took 2nd and 3rd places have an equal number of points. Places in the final protocol were distributed to the parishes in the last race.

2nd place – RUS 29 Alexander Alexandrovich Yezhkov, Alexander Yezhkov Jr., Dustin Baldewin.

3rd place – RUS 11 Nikolai Vodyanitsky, Igor Puzanov, Kirill Yelchaninov.

In the standings “rental fleet” for the medal fought three crews. The victory was won by Ivanovsky Vladislav, Ustimenko Ilya and Nosov Dmitry.

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