Jet Capsule, or the Future is now

If, while in the port of Naples, you will suddenly see on the horizon a futuristic capsule, rapidly cleaving the waves, you will be surprised just curiosity you. For the Italian population, which probably already developed an immunity to any manifestations of design ideas, it will be just another quite ordinary example of a successful turning crazy ideas into reality.

The author of the unusual project, which is uncomplicated and speaking for itself the name of the Jet Capsule was the designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini (Lazzarini Design). The ship was built with the direct participation of Mr. Luca Solla, owner and Manager of the famous Italian company S3 (Esse 3), specializing in the service and maintenance of marine vessels. Work on the project was conducted for two years and just last 2013, the first and only Jet Capsule was built.

The Jet Capsule is neither a boat or a jet ski, but definitely something in the middle of them. Length unusual egg-shaped vessel is 7.5 meters and width 3.5 meters. Its unibody shell is made by technology of vacuum infusion of composite materials and 70% carbon. In some parts of the ship that require maximum stiffness used is 100% carbon. The shell is almost completely hide the cockpit and a single deck, equipped with stainless steel railings and soft plush seats, which can comfortably accommodate 8 guests. Rooftop loungers for sunbathing, while aft – flip down swim platform. Day Jet Capsule is notable for its unusual futuristic profile, and at night it’s easy to spot among the other ships because of the bright neon illumination.

In the current version of Jet Capsule is equipped with two diesel engines Yanmar 6LPA power of 315 HP and Hamilton jet. The maximum speed of the vessel is 25 knots, a cruise of 23 knots. Fuel capacity is 230 liters, and the supply of water 88 liters. Designers have prepared about eight other design options that allow you to set on the Jet Capsule, the engines with power from 120 HP up to 800 HP depending on configuration, the range of maximum-speed operation is from 20 to 50 knots. Currently, designers are working on a version of the Jet Capsule with electric motors.

Jet Capsule, the creators explain that the idea of the project was to create a boat small enough to be easily managed and maneuverable, but still spacious to, for example, to take on Board the company of friends and spend time with entertainment and drinks.

“Jet Capsule is a new concept of water portability and mobility, says Pierpaolo Lazzarini. – I dream to leave the port without having to pay a large sum of money for the size of my yacht. My dream is to leave port and bring the whole company of my friends so far away from the shore in the middle of the sea to listen to music or sing songs. I dream to reach an island, where next to the beach to get in a good spainas Bay to eat there a couple of sandwiches, watching videos on YouTube, then go to sleep right there… and waking up to feel the sea and the sun.”

The cost of the Jet Capsule in the “basic” set is $ 250 000. Official website of the project –

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