First step is the hardest!

30th the world University games after the first qualifying day, the Russian team in 4th place

In Naples ended the first qualifying day of sailing of the 30th summer world University games. According to the website the organizers, as planned, spent 9 qualifying races. The Russian team took part in 5 of them.

The weather gave hot Sunny weather, wind 8-10 knots, and a small but unpleasant wave. The teams had great efforts to accelerate the boat. Unpleasant moment for many was the backlash in the mounting of the keel, which has contributed to the fact that the boat stayed on the wave. Non-trivial situation the wind from the right side and increased on the left – has also contributed to uncertainty.

The distance was set fairly short, and many have decided to start, and the penalty any boat fatally threw her back. The voltage of the teams was big, so was not without many falsestart. They were especially numerous in the first race.

The Russian team started the regatta is not very good, although in the first race after the disqualification allstarhealth got the 3rd result. In the second race impact tension: the maneuvers at the starting line led to a penalty, and the crew eventually was able to overtake only 2 boats to finish sixth. The next race for our crew was race # 4. With a brilliant start and competently carried out the first traverse began our first crew went out at the first sign and then kept this lead to the finish. Race 5, unfortunately, turned out to be unlucky for our boys at some point they were in the lead, marched confidently in the top three, however before finish the full course the back of the yacht drove up, one failed turn was fatal touch the other boat a penalty and only 5-th result at the finish. The next race for our team – race No. 9 and the last race of the day was spent in steady mode, the good guys took the start, came to the first mark third and held that spot to the finish.

In the first day’s 9 races. The crews were from 5 to 6 races. The strongest of all shows now the Finnish crew – it 4 the first advent of the 6 races. In second place is the Australian team, the third – the team of Germany. Our team takes the 4th place with the team of Singapore. We remind you that in the finals 8 yachts engaged in pre-qualification places will be scored on points as one race and 4 will be held the final race. There is still 23 qualifying races.

The protocols of racing, intermediate results, and record the GPS trackers can be viewed on the website of the Universiade

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