Finished Sochi winter series Winter Cup

In the final match was played set of medals for the winners of the stage and the organizers have summed up the season and awarded the top three teams that showed the best result of the series.

The regatta was held in nice Sunny weather. Saturday was South-East wind 1-3 m/s, Sunday blew Brisby wind 3-5 m/s. For Saturday and Sunday, the organizers had 12 races. The fight was tight, the three leaders decided only in the last race. In the end, in the first place out of 12 teams — Rockets, on the second and third local team Old Boys and Maik’ Loriss, permanent members of the series. Full results and teams can be viewed at the link

“We participated in a series of about the same composition. The first time took fifth place, this time turned out to be the first. For us it was a pleasant coincidence,” — says Alla Yablonsky from the team Rockets.

“The last stage was remembered for a very tense fight — fought literally for every position, — says Dmitry Serov from the team of Old Boys behind the leader by 2 points. — We went well, very far behind, could not adapt to the wind, especially on the first day. “Our” the wind is strong, and on Saturday the second part of the regatta the wind podsols, and we had hard. Of course, very sorry, I wanted to complete the stage in the first place, but what to do. It’s a sport”.

Quite a bit has fallen short to the prizes the team of “Heat”, for which participation at the Sochi Winter Cup debut. The crew took fourth place, losing to rivals just two points.

However, this award is not over. Old Boys became the best of 25 teams at the end of the 2018/19 season and took the challenge trophy series Cup, Sochi Winter Cup, writing his name in history. In second place, “Calypso” — members of the team went the whole season practically unchanged composition, showing excellent results in various wind conditions. In third place — Maik’ Loriss. The team participates in the Sochi Winter Cup for the second season, gradually gaining experience and knowledge Maik’ Loriss has managed to rise from the last lines to the pedestal.

Standings of the season

The winners received memorable gifts from watch manufacture Ulysse Nardin and the company PROyachting, Lancaster sun cosmetics, cosmetic kits from Green Planet and also cosmetics from a permanent partner of the series “transatlantik Internejshnl”.

Sochi race series Winter Cup was held from November to April, every first weekend of the month. All in all there were 6 stages. To participate in the regatta as sailors with experience and beginners just starting to get acquainted with sailing.

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