Sea festival

In Medemblik (Holland) is the traditional Sea festival. Participate in the regatta court a number of classes, but the most popular are Windsurfing competitions, where they played the Russians.

Men in the RS:X (35 participants) after three races, Alexander Askerov on 16-th place – 48 points (parishes 16 – 20 – 12), Vladislav Burmistenko 19-m – 57 points. Lead famous owner of sorvnovaniya Kieran, Badloe – 7 points.

Women (25 participants) also conducted three races. Anna Korikova occupies 10th place – 28 points (parishes 8 – 1- – 10). In the first position Italian Flavia Tartaglini – 4 points.

The results of the regatta –

Results Medemblik Regatta 2019

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