Dress rehearsal

Today on the waters of Key Bay near the village Soviet were the first of the race 2 round of all-Russia children’s series regatta “Optimists of the Northern Capital. Gazprom Cup”. In the regatta attended by about 80 young sailors of the largest sailing schools in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

© Denis Razumovich

The first day contrary to the forecasts turned warmer, cloudy and not very windy. The judges, headed by the experienced Vladimir Komel spent 3 racing in wind strength from 2 to 5 m/s.

The lead from the first race took athlete Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg Cyril Shanenkov twice finished first once and second, the second is Artem Hunker (“Krestovsky Ostrov”, St. Petersburg), another athlete Academy sailing Mikita Black third.

Nikita Black: “the Waters I am familiar with, I knew where here come the impulses, and was for him. Tomorrow I will try to control opponents and a good start in order not to fall below. Due to what progress? Compared to last year, I became more skilled, well, and exercise more”.

Among girls leads Sophia Pusheva (“Krestovsky island”), Julia Naymushin (Academy sailing) is the second, it is also the first among the Junior girls, Darya Savinova (“Favorite”, Vyborg) – the third.

Sophia Pusheva: “Today turned out to go on visits, I was smarter than my opponent. Before each race should have checked best side, as the constantly changing wind strength and direction, a very interesting area”.

For juniors, the best result was shown by Dmitry Eremin (Krestovsky island), Vladimir Liubomirov (Academy sailing) – the second, Pavel Guschin, another “academic” – the third.

Angelina Ivanova and Eva Turkina (both girls – “Krestovsky island”) are respectively on the 2nd and 3rd place among younger girls.

25 cadets (novice riders) raced in separate fleets. There after 3 races, the leadership is divided Rodion Shishimirov and Stepan Ivanov – both on 9 points. The 3rd among the boys cadets is Nikita Grigoriev. Among girls the best result was shown by Alexander Kondratenko, the second is Varvara Yurchenko, Mariya Ivanova – as long as that 3rd. All athletes represent the Academy of sailing.

Nikita Grigoriev: “This is my 3rd regatta. I stuck to my strategy and just believe in yourself. Looking at the older guys who win, and repeated for them. Tomorrow I will try to climb higher in the standings!”

The regatta will be a dress rehearsal for the athletes of the Russian team before the European championship, which will take place 22-29 June in France. In the 2nd stage with the participation of leading Russian riders: Cyril Shurenkov (Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg), Darya Savinova (“Favorite”, Vyborg), Danila Ivanov and Maxim Bondar (both from the “Krestovsky Ostrov”, St. Petersburg).

The yacht port “Johannes” takes a series of regatta “Optimists of the Northern Capital. Gazprom Cup” for the fourth year in a row.

The regatta will end on 15 June, 17:00 will be award winners.

Evgeny Kitaev,

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg.

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