Eight and a half years later

On Wednesday the pilot of a small plane flying a few miles from Kangaroo Island (South coast), saw the sea of upturned yacht.

On the case, in many places, densely covered with shells was, however, well, I see a big painted eyes. That allowed the boat to identify.

It was a 40-foot boat Wild Eyes, which is eight and a half years ago (!) American Abby Sunderland wanted to become the youngest girl (she was 16), who made a circumnavigation alone.

February 6, Abby started in Mexico, 31 March rounded Cape horn and headed for South Africa. But that was then (to quote Wikipedia):

“June 10 in stormy conditions failed in the management of the sails. This happened about 400 miles from the island of reunion. In addition, Abby had lost contact.

12 Jun boat Abby Sunderland was discovered by the French fishing vessel Ile De La Réunion, 300 miles from the Reunion. A yacht during a storm severely damaged, there was no mast. Since transportation of boats in California would cost too expensive it was decided to sink her in the Indian ocean”.

But, apparently, it never flooded. Anyway, the boat eight and a half years drifting in the ocean, reaching Australia.

Once Wild Eyes were seen from the plane, she was approached by boat inspected. But the most amazing – now to find her, despite several attempts, could not. Really sank?

“My yacht was always skittish nature,” – said on this occasion, the now 25-year-old Abby Sunderland.

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