Walking the wind made adjustments

According to the website http://russiandragon.ru the morning of the second racing day of the championship in the yacht class “Dragon” inspired optimism: East wind 5-7 knots allowed the participants to rely on accurate program execution – the holding of two scheduled races.

However, I had to keep in mind that the East in the direction of the wind, traditionally unstable, a lot of walking, and it is necessary to consider in making tactical decisions.

The first race of the day, despite the modest strength of the wind, started with a General recall after the mass false start. Only the second attempt of the yacht went the distance clean. During the first quarter successful tacking was conducted by a team of Anatoly Loginov: RUS 27 went to the upper sign, with a noticeable gap from the rivals. As such, it was possible in the first place, to consider of Dmitry Samokhin (RUS 76) and Vasily Senatorov (RUS 34), flush with each other to round the windward mark. After this mark were team ENG 35 (Victor Fogelson), RUS 81 (Sergey Borodinov), RUS 31 (Mikhail Senators). One of the potential favorites – Pedro Andrade (POR 84) – completed the tacking of the ninth.

Full course, little has changed in the top three. But his pursuers increased: went well before the wind and caught up with the leading fleet Estonians on EST 17 (Eduard Gorbunov) and team Anna Basalkina (LAT3).

On the second tacking the wrong choice of course Dmitry Samokhin. At this time, in the distance there was a strong sunset, wind South-East, and the operating champion of the country frankly does not enter it. The result is up, the team came only ninth, behind even Pedro Andrade, who, according to tradition, opened yesterday, in the second loop started to catch up in the beginning of the race.

First to the finish in splendid isolation came Annapurna Loginov Anatoly, the second was the team of Vasiliy Senatorov, the third place was held by the crew of Sergey Borodinova. The fourth finish from Eduard Gorbunov in fifth place – Mikhail Senatorov.

Interesting started the second race of the day, held at a distance No. 2 (two loops). After the start the fleet about equally divided into those who to rise to the top sign chose the gals in the sea, and those who went to the beach. It soon became clear, was lucky the second. The result is ahead of everyone on the top sign came sailors from the team of Sergey Jasikova (RUS 78), followed “dragons” Vasily Senatorov (RUS 34) and Yulia Grigoryeva (RUS 18). A little behind – Sergey Borodinov (RUS 81) and Victor Fogelson (RUS 35). Pedro Andrade was ahead of Anatoly Loginov, who rounded out the top ten fleet. On the full course, however, was not on the first roles of the leaders of the standings a little better. So, successfully passing the wind, the Portuguese rider at the gate was fourth, Anatoly Loginov – sixth. Dmitry Samokhin was ulybalsya 13. the leaders of the race, meanwhile, came Vasyl Senators and Sergey Borodinov, Sergey pushing back Azikova. By this time the wind went back, and the upper sign were rearranged, as evidenced by the flags on the boat Amirov.

Once the loop is only slightly adjusted the position of teams, stretching across the distance. Among the first to finish after another passing the gate, rushed team 34 RUS, ENG 81, 84 POR, RUS RUS 35 and 78. Dmitry Samokhin this last tacking left, occupying the seventh position, Anatoly Loginov – tenth.

To the finish line Basil Senators and Sergey Borodinov came almost simultaneously, and only one second determined advantage over the RUS 34 RUS 81. In third place finished the team of Pedro Andrade (this time the Portuguese began their ascent with 10 places). Fourth at the finish came the “dragon” Sergei Jasikova, the fifth was Dmitry Samokhin.

Recall that, starting with the fifth race, the results are stored in the standings with the release of the worst of them.

Mikhail Senatorov (RUS 31):

– Tough day, the wind was unpredictable. In the second race part of the boats got a very good wind, they are gone and the first stamp was too far out. We were almost the last, and the whole race catching up. The first was the fifth. Almost throughout the race. In principle, hoping that in a couple of places, the result will be better. But I’m happy with the second race. Almost the last place to get on the seventh – it was very difficult, so there is satisfaction.

Vasily Senatorov (RUS 34):

– Today was light and very fickle wind. However, the jury in such difficult conditions – well done! – able to give two races. We are naturally pleased with the result, but it was very difficult. The wind was coming from left and right. Was visits, and in this situation was a big part of luck. In the second race we started in the middle, we somehow pulled, pulled, pulled, and at the first sign we came second followed by Jazykovym. At the end of the first gybe was able to get around them. But they were heavier than the two of us raced, and the maneuvers they were given harder than us. In second wind we drove up to the Borodinov, we defended and eventually won.

Sergey Borodinov (RUS 81):

– Tried to go the distance without nerves. We have very little training, so it is difficult for us to compete with the leading crews. Trying serious fight not to join, to avoid “melee”. Successfully laid the “leverback”, for all crews, there were elements of chance, luck gave: wind much walking. Sixth place – well. The task was to get into the top ten. But now there is a desire to rise above. Will try, but see what happens!

Detailed results after two days of racing –


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