On Superiority of Russia on sailing in international classes passed the first race

The first days of the Championship of Russia in the international classes is not encouraging riders fresh and steady wind. The organizers did not race. Today’s day of racing could not take place, but closer to the evening wind on the waters of the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland has appeared and athletes took to the water. Variable and unstable wind force 4 to 6 knots even allowed the organizers to hold two races in each class.

“We thought that if nothing at 15.00 blow out, we will reschedule the race for tomorrow, but implicitly had in mind the thought: “what if something happens!”, – the main judge of competitions Vladimir Komel. – When earned unstable South wind at 4 knots, we decided to give riders the team to get out on the water for the first time to feel the waters. I must say that we got it right. Yes, the wind was not very strong, constantly changing direction, but nevertheless we managed to hold two races at all three distances. This was done primarily for the sake of the riders!”.

First returned to shore athletes of the “red” race, where you raced windsurfers. On the faces of the children was visible fatigue – they are clearly not just given a race in the wind. In such weather conditions the athletes had a lot of pampite, and in first place came not the technical skills and physical strength.

In the class Techno under 15 years best of all in the benefits of professional successful athlete Academy sailing Maxim Lukyanov, showing the third and second wards. Behind it there is the athletes from Sevastopol, Dmitry Nesterenko (five points) and Nikita Nezhentsev (six). In the age category till 17 years Daniel Dineev from Meleuz twice came in first and came out in absolute leaders. In older age leads windsurfer from Moscow “of sshor of No. 26” Ivan Efimov, scored three points. In the standings it catching Andrei Spiridonov (Academy of sailing, five points) and Alexey Efremov (Krestovsky island, six points).

In the Olympic class RS:X under 21 years of struggle for the leadership of Anton Tokarev from Moscow “of sshor of No. 26” athlete Academy sailing and Krestovsky island Egor Zhilin. The table windsurfers share two points. In the championship U-19 in the first place is the Sochi racer Konstantin Kokkonen (three points).

Championship of Russia in the class “To 15”, in fact, is in a format a match-flight. It showed two mixed crew from the Rostov region Nikolai Goryainov/Evelina of Milwit and Anastasia Mayorova/Dmitry Pivnik. This race will certainly benefit in entertainment. While in full-time duel succeeds the crew Goryainov/Milwit who won both races.

On the same course with “Macrame 15” chasing sailors in the class of “29 minutes”, where the first day had a bit of a surprise. Favorites of the Championship of Russia in international classes and one of the best national young crews – Ilya Chuprin/Brovin Rodion from the Academy of sailing – after the victory in the first race came 16th in the second. In the first race of the day athletes have claimed the eighth spot, but the guys on the force to regain the lead in the next races. The leader of the female crew “of sshor of hlebnikovo” Daria Matrosov/Albina Denisov. Only one point inferior to him riders from the “Krestovsky island” – Maxim Cooper/Daniel Roerich and Victoria Lisanova/Pauline Peresipkina.

In the class of “420” from the competitors came off the crews from the Krasnodar territory and the Moscow region Mikhail Sahovski/Igor Malewski (six points) and Denis Lepine/Michael Karelin (seven). In the chasing group – the athletes Academy sailing Anastasia Deryagina/Sophia Vereshchagin (third place) and Pavel Baryshnikov/Dmitry Jakobson (fifth place).

“In the morning there was no wind, we were released only in the evening, so everyone was a little exhausted, – says Pavel Baryshnikov. The wind was average work.

The parishes we have a normal tenth and ninth, but still weak. Class “420” depends on how much more than knowledge. You can very well customize the yacht, and this will very much depend. In the rest of the boat setup is not so much influence as in “420” and subsequent classes”.

The most numerous class of the Championship of Russia in international classes – “Laser 4.7”. For the victory in this discipline compete from 95 riders. Before each race day, the athletes are randomly divided into two fleets. After the training they will form a “Golden” and “silver” fleet (48 – “gold”, 47 – “silver”) and will chase directly to the fleet.

After the first day in qualifying in the class “Laser 4.7” leading athletes “Krestovsky island”. In the first place is Dmitry Golovkin, but only one point behind Peter Pashutinskaya and Maxim Shaposhnikov.

“Today my second coming, – said Maxim Shaposhnikov. – I’m not the first but the most stable. I like Laser because of the promising classes this is the only loner. When you are chasing the crew, the success does not only depend on you. In the singles all depends on you – and misery, and victory. I can win the Championship of Russia – I have the chance”.

The results of the competition will determine the teams in the respective classes who will represent Russia at the international regattas in 2020.

Results: https://www.sailing-academy.ru/regatyi/2019/pervenstvo-rossii-v-yunosheskix-klassax-lazer-4.7,-420,-29-j-i-texno293

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