Record “Optimists”!

June 1, 2019

      Record "Optimists"!
      On May 31, the most important Optimist class regatta, the Association Cup, started in the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg. As a result of these competitions will be determined by the composition of teams that will go to the European Championships and the world.

Record "Optimists"!

The current Association Cup has already broken all records – 224 athletes from 24 regions of the country, including Sakhalin and Khabarovsk regions and Vladivostok, took part in it.

The 3rd in the history of the Optimist Class Association Cup is the final stage of the selection of the strongest “optimists” for the Russian national teams representing our country at world and European championships.

The first day turned out to be extreme: wind gusts reached 29 knots, but this didn’t stop 2 races.

The organizers of the competition broke all the athletes into three fleets, 76 riders in each. Despite the difficult weather conditions, the drivers coped with all the trials and passed the distance. On the first day of the competition there were no loud sensations, note-taking favorites showed themselves the best.

Twice the sportsmen from St. Petersburg were the first to arrive in their fleet: Kirill Shunenkov (Sailing Academy) and Andrei Sotnikov (Rautu children's sports sailing team). It is they who divide among themselves the first line in the results of two races.

On the third line are Artem Maxim from Dolgoprudny and another racer from “Raut” Vyacheslav Martus – they have 4 points each.

The girls have the first three as follows: Sofia Pusheva (“Krestovsky Island”, St. Petersburg), Alisa Ivanovskaya (DSPK “Rautu”, St. Petersburg), Daria Savinova (Vyborg).

Ilyas Yakhin (Tolyatti) is leading among the younger young men, Dmitry Yeremin (St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island) is the second, Nikolai Fastenko (the State Budget Establishment FSO Youth of Moscow) is the third.

According to the results of the qualifications, all the best riders will be selected in the “golden” fleet, on June 4 the final races and awards will be held.

The results of the competition will be traditionally summarized in four test groups: Girls, Boys, Junior Girls, and Junior Boys.

Vladimir Lyubomirov, President of the Optimist Class Association:

– Today the wave is the most unpleasant, which happens in this place. Since the wind was southerly, the guys had a hard time. We are surprised – most of them finished in both races. Five years ago, it was impossible in principle to find 200 guys capable of chasing the Optimist in such conditions. This indicates that the class is growing. The younger generation is getting stronger, we are very happy, tomorrow will be better.

Vadim Mechanics, chief referee of the competition:

– Today we did not conduct the third race, given the heavy rain and heavy wind (up to 29 knots). I think we optimally spent the day, including the opening ceremony and two full-fledged big races of 50 minutes each. Moreover, we do not stand out from the schedule. We have 5 racing days and 10 races scheduled. Two races on the first day are quite normal. As in the song, in a storm only stronger hands, and the sail will help to go. If a child owns a yacht, then for him a strong wind is vice versa an assistant, not an enemy. Children prepared perfectly. They proved that they are ready to race in such conditions.

Kirill Shunenkov, an athlete from the Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg:

– For me, today ended well. I came first twice. Very pleased with the results. Of course, the weather let us down a little bit. But despite this, the day went well. The water area is familiar to me, my native city, so I hope that the regatta will end well.

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