And the weather is great!

In Sochi continues the training camp of the main and youth teams of the Russian national team. Here is what the RUS Youth Sailing Team:

Several participants had gone home, but most of the athletes expressed the desire to extend the fee until July 2, since currently this is the best opportunity for training. Thus, the first important training camp after a forced break will last 30 days.

About his time at the gathering to tell the athletes of the class “Laser radial”.

Alexander Lukoyanov, St. Petersburg: “Before the training, we all spent the quarantine and passed the tests in COVID-19, which we received negative results from the whole team. It was the first joyful event! In the beginning we set a schedule so that the first training is physical training in the morning and the second on the water after lunch. And so goes each microcycle (i.e., 5 days working, one resting). The collection will end on 2 July. At the moment, is already tired, but work still want to continue, in order to return to his best form. Thank you to head coach, Ivanova N. In. thanks to You we managed to come to the gathering and to train in good conditions!”

Alice Yeshchenko, Taganrog: “the camp is very productive. I really like the training schedule , as the body has time to recover. The first week was hard to bounce back after a long break, but at the moment all the guys “joined” in the work. Weather in Sochi is very pleasing, we can get out on the water every day.”

Maxim Shaposhnikov, St Petersburg: “go to the Federal database in the current conditions on a monthly fee – a great victory! Training is held on a very good schedule that breaks between workouts enough for a good rest and setup for the future. At our disposal there is all necessary equipment for training of any complexity, which helps to achieve the maximum effect . Throughout the collection work the wind and Sunny weather make the whole experience much more enjoyable!”

Vyacheslav Udalov, Dolgoprudny: “Even though the first week in quarantine, the fee is going great. Every day spent on the water remember much of the information lost during the two-month break. For me it is a very productive gathering, I would like to thank the coaching staff for such a wonderful organization of the training process.”

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