Zotya Novikova – on training in Sochi

The press service of the RUS Youth Sailing Team posted a story today Zoe Novikova (class of 49th FX) about how they with Diana Sabirova go to their lofty goals.

Zoya Novikova, Saint-Petersburg: “the Sochi camp is going very well. We are glad we are here, because all our materiel at the moment is Palma (Mallorca, Spain). Thanks to the joint efforts of Togliatti and the Krestovskiy island in record time we had assembled all the necessary equipment.

The whole quarantine from the end of March Diana and I were away from each other, from their parents. We had constant training at the Zoom trainer fitness of Krestovsky island. But still together in isolation more fun!

Arriving at the training camp in Sochi on the machine, I had to sit in the room for a few days, and we didn’t waste time and still continued to train in the rooms. In the first week, while Diana continued to be in isolation, I was able to equip and prepare the boat.

And now, after going through all the quarantine measures have begun our full training and on shore and on the water. I am very glad that we have the ability to train productively and return our form. And when the time is painted on minutes, there is a strong belief that the entire process is beneficial. Anyway, I’m glad we finally managed to personally work with Mary Komisarovas. It really motivates me for some reason. The exercises are very interesting and diverse. Morally they are not tired.

On the water we have formed a very good tandem with Konovalov Yu. a. Return the form in a friendly, but for us the most important peaceful atmosphere.

At the moment we are working on our training plan in order to reach our peak form for the selection for the Olympic games. We have analyzed our mistakes in training and has established for itself the main points that we will fundamentally change. In short, I can say that it is impossible to come up with the best conditions in a while, until Peter denied access to water.

Well, thank you, of course, all coaches who work with us! And special thanks to Vadim Andreevich Pushevo 24 hours a day on the phone with us and helps to solve all the questions!”

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