Involuntary turn through fordevind …

May 6, 2019

      Involuntary turn through fordevind …
      Yesterday afternoon in Germany there was a severe crash of a 30-foot cruising dinghy. Those who were on the shore noticed the tipping of the yacht (wooden dinghy built in the 30s) and reported this to the Bremen rescue service.

Involuntary turn through fordevind ...

Although the accident occurred just seven cables from the coast, and the rescuers arrived very quickly – after just 10 minutes, they were able to save only three men from four crew members who were on the bottom of the tilted boat. The fourth person – the adult 49-year-old daughter of the captain was in the water and already unconscious, and attempts at her resuscitation did not lead to anything.

It is reported that people were not only supercooled, but also were in a state of shock, whereby the rescuers had to put a lot of work to get them to move to the rescue boat.

According to preliminary data, the accident was caused by an involuntary turn through a fordewind during the course of a tailwind under the spinnaker to the house.

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