Zaretsky: “Esmeralda” – OK

Wednesday, as usual, Igor Zaretsky went on a satellite phone for communications and recorded his next story.

Unfortunately, the connection was very bad, repeatedly interrupted, the message is very much illegible and are not subject to decoding passes. However:

“Hello, friends!
Many thanks to all who congratulated me happy birthday! Via Facebook give them my gratitude…

Pass on my best wishes to all those affected by this storm sailors. They are in such a situation were real men, consider it an honor to be with them in one company.

As noted birthday? Well, sort of… Opened a jar of caviar. Whiskey poured, everything went great. So noted…

Scary is not. Anxious? Yes, it was disturbing. In General, after the birth is the permanent and strong blast. Now there is a small problem with the twist of the headsail.

The wind was about 35 knots. After cleaning the sail in this weather, fingers barely moving. So now while lying down, read the instructions to twist and think is to take it off.

The rifles I have, the manufacturers, at my request, made on all stachelek grommets on the luff. Of course, go to tank more often. But the sail will always be tied to the forestay, and the water will not gain and will quickly minutesa.

Still, I think twist – they are not suitable for the ocean. When tightening the sail in such a vibration on the forestay… And lose the forestay is everything. Disaster. And without the twist – handle.

In the street is cloudy. Now a little podutil, and night of the howling well. Now I, of course, is to the North, but I have nothing to do with these fingers as I have now, on the upper deck seem impossible: never to take, not to grasp even. Waiting for calm weather.

But they say that tomorrow the storm may come – however, the boat is ready, goes under the mainsail with three reefs. Quietly goes. See how in the second half of the day will be with your hands, maybe a little stachelek put on the inner forestay to help the grotto. Then go flatter…

And waiting for better weather. Look twist. There is not only the ribbon is torn, but also to change the lubricant necessary.

“Esmeralda” is OK”,


Now – about the health of Indian skipper abilash Tom and the further actions of the rescuers

The Indian Navy announced through its representative on Twitter that: “the Commander Tom may have to get up and to eat normally”.

Further developments grandiose rescue operation that unfolded in the vast Great southern ocean, are planned: frigate Ballarat should be within the range of its carrier-based helicopter from the island of Amsterdam. He takes Gregor Makhalina and go with him back to Australia. From there, the Irish sailor will return to his home.

The Indian frigate Satpura (shot especially with the ongoing exercise of the Indian Navy) will have Friday to pick up Tom from the hospital and sent him to India. At the same time the Indian military is planning an operation to rescue the yacht Thuriya, hoping to tow it for repair to located 40 miles away a small island.

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