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On Sydney harbour today, February 15, was held three races of the first stage of the international sailing League – SailGP.

We recall (although we have detailed written about this before) that the initiators SailGP are one of the richest people in the world, owner of Oracle Team USA, Larry Ellison and five-time winner of the America’s Cup Russell Coutts. Important detail: World Sailing not only expressed full support for the new League, but also included it in the list of the most important sailing competitions in the world.

Races are held on the fastest ships in the world sails a 50-foot winged catamarans class F50, which was specifically designed for SailGP and the assurances of developers, capable of speeds over 50 knots.

On the first day, however, such speeds could only dream of: in the first race the wind was moderate in the other two – fresh, but no more.

The sum of three races, ahead of the team representing Japan (a total of 6 teams). Sensation in it, actually, no. Three crew members of the five – the famous Australian racers. Helmsman Nathan Outteridge – Olympic champion-2012 in the 49er class, winner of 19 world Championships medals in different classes, skipper Artemis Racing in the two Cup “America”. Besides Outteridge was directly involved in the development and testing of cars F50, so experience of managing this catamaran it is much more than its other tail feathers.

Trimmer, Ian Jensen is also the Olympic champion of 2012 and multiple world champion in 49er class (with cauterize). Tactics Parkinson – bronze medalist at the world Championships in the 470 class, and is it the same as Outteridge and Parkinson participated in the drawing of the America’s Cup team Artemis Racing. As for grinders – Yugo Yoshida and Yuki Kasatani kind of regalia they have, of course, smaller, but they also played in the America’s Cup – as part of the Japanese team. Agree, that says a lot.

It’s time to announce that the winner of the race the winner gets 10 points, second place 9 and so on. Accordingly, the one who came last, sixth gets 5 points. So here are the results of Friday at the Japan Team SailGP one win and two second place 28 points – an excellent result! The second position of the hosts – team of Australia, 27 points (two wins and fifth place).

Now it is time to explain why you need glasses. Tomorrow, Saturday, February 16, will be held three races and then the final, which will participate only two teams ranked according to the total score first and second place. Who will win in this match-flight, will become the stage winner.

Race No. 1
1. Japan (helmsman Nathan Outteridge) – 10 points; 2. China (Phil Robertson) – 9 points. 3. UK (Dylan Fletcher) – 8 points; 4. USA (Rome Kirby) – 7 points; 5. Australia (Tom Slingsby) – 6 points; 6. France (Billy Besson) – 5.

Race No. 2
1.Australia – 10 points; 2. Japan – 9; 3. USA – 8; 4. UK – 7; 5. France – 6; 6. China – 5.

Race No. 3
1. Australia – 10 points; 2. Japan – 9; 3. France – 8; 4. UK – 7; 5. USA – 6; 6. China – 5.

The results of the first day (three races)
1. Japan – 28 points; 2. Australia – 27; 3. UK – 22; 4. USA – 20; 5. France – 19; 6. China – 19.

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