Young DARование

What, where and how is available on Board glass superyacht

And glass yacht. It would seem that may be common between them. In fact, shared even more than you can imagine. Just look at the 90-meter DAR built by the Dutch Oceanco.

Being transferred to the owner in July, a boat officially entered in the top hundred of the largest superyachts in the world. Four-deck steel shark, and this formidable predator of the seas and oceans, it resembles the front of their sizes does not look heavy and slow, because the designer Luiz de Basto (Luiz de Basto) brought to life what many of his colleagues would not dare.

Tinted glass with mirror effect envelops almost the entire aluminium superstructure.

“You can see Monaco and Monaco can’t see you,” sharpens Luiz de Basto.

Just in the port of the Principality, the yacht will appear often, because it belongs to Ziyad Manasir — Russian billionaire, born in Jordan.

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